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[Trap] Bad Royale – Hot Steppa (feat. Future Fambo)

It’s been a while since Bad Royale dropped something as hard as “Hot Steppa” with Future Fambo. They’ve dropped top quality tracks, but going this heavy isn’t something we’ve heard from them in recent times. It’s good to see them back at it with this Dim Mak release.

“Hot Steppa” keeps with the group’s Caribbean sound, but they just take it in a bit of a different direction infusing hybrid trap elements into the mix. This dirty foray doesn’t derail the song, rather it gives it some depth and unique direction. Starting from a more dancehall style and moving things to the borders of dubstep is quite a nice touch that only these bad boys could pull off.

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[Jersey Club] R3LL – A JERZ Love Story EP

One of the most underrated genres out there is Jersey Club. The legendary figure in the movement, R3LL, has come through the pipeline with a hot new EP released on Dim Mak that absolutely needs your full attention. This is A JERZ Love Story.

With A JERZ Love Story R3LL has four classics on his hands all mashed together masterfully in one project. From beginning to end you’ll be dancing along and having reaction after reaction of “damn did he just do that?” With so much greatness it’s hard to pin down a favorite – which we couldn’t do after listening through several times. It’s just that good of an EP. Listen for yourself and see if you can pick a favorite.

’Back Seat Lovin’ (feat. TT The Artist, Chris Jane & Pure 100%)’
’Double Trouble (feat. Rell Rock)’
’Ride Dat (feat. Uniiqu3)’
’Back It Up (feat. Bleszt)’
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[Trap/Dubstep] ARIUS – Rise (feat. Born I Music)

Rise (feat. Born I Music)

Dim Mak recently released a hot one from the collaborators ARIUS and Born I. “Rise” is going to do just that for you – get you up and moving with your adrenaline and dopamine levels rising.

This hybrid heater smashes dubstep, trap and hip-hop together in epic fashion. Right from the start you feel the track’s grandiosity and it continues to build upon that initial feeling until you’re blasted with a boisterous blend of bass samples. Born I targets the verses with his iconic rhymes that have steadily establishing him as a go-to rapper for electronic crossover tracks. This isn’t the first time these acts have come together and it surely won’t be the last because every time out they create something incredible.

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[Multi-Genre] Noise Cans – Masquerave EP

Did you have plans for a masquerade this weekend? Chances are low, even though Halloween is just around the corner. You probably didn’t have plans for a Masquerave either, but it’s here thanks to the one and only Noise Cans. Released on Dim Mak, this EP is all fun, no filler.

Masquerave comes complete with six original singles from the iconic producer along with a trap remix from Yellow Claw. Noise Cans mixes things up with a few different genres on this project including future, moombahton, jungle terror and more. By utilizing a wide variety of sounds and styles Noise Cans made Masquerave as fun as could be. There’s never a dull moment from start to finish on this project, so have a listen through and grab a copy from digital stores if you love it like we do!

’Noise Cans – Standing (feat. ASTR)’
’Noise Cans – Takin’ Ovah (feat. I
’Noise Cans – Caan Dun (feat. Louise Chantál)’
’Noise Cans – No War (feat. Jesse Royal)’
’Noise Cans – Mi Mi Mi (feat. Mr. Lexx)’
’Noise Cans – Don’t Let Me Down (feat. Skinto)’
’Noise Cans – No War (feat. Jesse Royal) (Yellow Claw Remix)’

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[Trap] QUIX X Bishu – Skin To Skin (feat. Cappa)

QUIX X Bishu
Skin To Skin (feat. Cappa)

“Skin To Skin” is the newest song from the New Zealand producer QUIX. Although he comes first, both Bishu and vocalist Cappa helped tremendously to make this song what it is. Released on Dim Mak, “Skin To Skin” is currently available for purchase on digital stores and trust us, you’re going to want it.

Popularity isn’t the main thing to look at when something has come out, but it can be a good indicator. In just four days “Skin To Skin” has accumulated over 120,000 plays on the dwindling Soundcloud. People, including us, just can’t get enough of this dirty trap original. It’s not even close to average in any way, shape or form. QUIX and company manage to have created something that stands out with a hybrid sound that will sweep you off your feet. Get your copy and make sure to share this one with your friends.

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[Multi-Genre] QUIX – Heaps Cool EP

QUIX is coming off a highly successful single that seemed to take over the dance music blogosphere with a vengeance. One single wasn’t enough as the producer has come forth with his debut Dim Mak EP called Heaps Cool that is, well, HEAPS COOL. Sorry, there was no way around that one.

Heaps Cool is made up by six tracks including the previously released “Riot Call” that we mentioned before. Throughout the EP, QUIX takes us around the map with differing sounds, hitting future bass, house and some heavy trap that leads the EP. Tracks like “Lucy’s Place” and “Sweet Thing” exude the swagger needed to make a hit within the genre. Not only that, but QUIX manages to infuse his own signature into each track, which is really where the EP’s prestige comes from. Check out all six songs and grab a copy of the EP from digital stores today.

’Four Letter Lie’
’Alpaca (feat. XO Man)’
’Riot Call (feat. Nevve)’
’Lucy’s Place’
’Deep Home (Hold Up)’
’Sweet Thing’
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[Moombahton] Henry Fong – Young Hearts feat. Nyla & Stylo G

Fans of Henry Fong knows his love for reggae and dancehall. For those unfamiliar, all you need to do is take one listen to his new Dim Mak single “Young Hearts” to catch a glimpse. Together with Nyla and Stylo G, Henry put together a smashing moombah-esque single that has Summer written all over it.

“Young Hearts” is comprised of mostly recorded instruments, giving it an organic feel that most electronic tracks can’t touch even with the best technical production. Henry wanted fans to vibe to it and that’s just what’s going to happen when this absolute gem gets played. It’s got a pop feel to it, however his influences from reggae to moombah are highly evident and give the track some sexy groove. Get your copy of “Young Hearts” through the digital service of your choosing.

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