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[Future] Rich Boy – Throw Some D’s (LUCA LUSH & Dirty Chocolate Remix)

Rich Boy
Throw Some D's (LUCA LUSH & Dirty Chocolate Remix)

alaya issue 2 is here and two of the bigger names associated with the rapidly growing label banded together to totally reshape the classic (Let’s be honest here) “Throw Some D’s” by Rich Boy. LUCA LUSH and Dirty Chocolate pitched down the original vocals and proceed to flesh out their huge remix with hint of vocoder, video game style synths, and bass so big that it might just break your car if you bump it hard enough. These two have no shortage of jams, and seeing them put together something as big as this has us hoping they’ll be working on a project together soon. This is just a taste of what the second alaya compilation has to offer, so check out the rest of the stellar tunes and grab your copy of the whole thing here!

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[Future] Dirty Chocolate – Crystal Cavern

Dirty Chocolate動く城
Crystal Cavern

Dirty Chocolate is no stranger to the world of online SoundCloud collectives, what with contributing to Moving Castle, ethereal, alaya AND Sleepy Sounds. No matter where he releases his tunes, there has been a consistent amount of quality within each. “Crystal Cavern” comes to us as a nice futuristic, chillwave, trap hybrid that slowly but surely crescendoes into crushing bass, hints of Arca-esque synths, and a frigid tone calling back to the apt name of the track. This tune is more in simple in nature than some of Dirty Chocolate’s previous work, but it’s the first of three new tunes poised to drop in the near future. Whatever project he has in store is sure to flesh out this newest track nicely, and there’s even word of him starting a something fresh with LUCA LUSH through alaya as well. Free download below.

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