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[Electronic] Dropout – No Scrubs (feat. Wendy Sarmiento) REMIXES EP

The Santa Barbara duo Dropout recently came out with a remix pack for their cover/remix of “No Scrubs.” The name might ring a bell if you’re a a 90’s kid (or older) as it was the illustrious 1999 hit by TLC. Dropout brought it forward into contemporary times alongside singer Wendy Sarmiento and now have some extra takes of the tune.

Dropout enlisted five acts to flip the record. With remixes from Decoy!, FunkShop, Jack Trades, MÖWE and Nector spanning such genres as future bass and both deep and progressive house, this remix EP is full of fun Summer songs that all play with the same vocal. We enjoy all five takes, but to us the MÖWE one sticks out the most. Have a listen for yourself and see which one is your favorite.

’No Scrubs (Decoy! Remix)’
’No Scrubs (FunkShop Remix)’
’No Scrubs(Jack Trades Remix)’
’No Scrubs (MÖWE Remix)’
’No Scrubs (Nector Remix)’
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[Deep House] Kav Verhouzer – Love Into Gold

Kav Verhouzer
Love Into Gold

With Miami Music Week just around the corner that means that house music is going to be taking over. A recent release from Kav Verhouzer fits perfectly for all of the upcoming pool parties – or if you’re not going to be there, to imagine like you are soaking in the sun.

“Love Into Gold” features the vocalist Lawrie Martin and was released on Disco:wax. The deep, yet poppy original is melodically memorable and has a hook that you can’t easily get out of your head. Kav has always managed to deliver top quality tracks and he doesn’t seem to be losing his touch, in fact the opposite is true. Look for him to keep up his great production work this year.

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