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[Trap] Mr. Collipark & Dirty Audio feat. DJ Kool – Shoulders

Mr. Collipark & Dirty Audio feat. DJ Kool

“Shoulders” is a new original from the collective efforts of Mr. Collipark, Dirty Audio and DJ Kool. The Dim Mak release is some party poppin’ twerk madness! If you don’t like booties, then you probably shouldn’t go out and play this song, because after this enters the air, flocks of bottoms are going to congregate around the speakers. They do everything right with this one, making it one incredibly off the hook record. Mr. Collipark has been dominating his field since he’s transitioned into the dance music scene, and Dirty Audio busts out sick songs on the regular, so it shouldn’t really be a shocker that this one is mad fresh. It’s already received a lot of love from listeners, but if you haven’t heard it yet, have a listen and enjoy. If you would like to purchase the song, you can do so here.

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