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Random Music Friday

RANDOM GOODNESS! Different genres, different time frames,from calming Jazz that is perfect for this rainy day here in Orlando, Florida to right out of the oven remixes from Doorly that will get you ready to party this weekend. It has been a very busy Friday so I was not able to write a short description about each song, but I will be updating this post soon.

Kate Monson bring her beautiful smokey jazz vocals from Austin, Texas right into her new album “Taped to the Sky”. If you enjoy this song as much as I do you should also check out her song “Lucky”
Kat Edmonson – Just One Of Those Things

’Just One Of Those Things’


Alternative Rock
Courtenay Green is an LA artist who has been performing regularly in Southern California for the past year. Her first EP, Mixed Message, was released in late 2008 and she will be releasing her new song, DEVIL IN THE DETAILS, on July 16th. DEVIL is a slight departure from the songs on her first EP, and demonstrate some of the new musical ground she will be covering on her next studio production (to be released this fall).
Courtenay Green – Devil In the Details

’Devil in the Details’


King Of Prussia – Misadventures Of The Campaign Kids

’Misadventures Of The Campaign Kids’

Sondre Lerche – My hands are shaking

’My hands are shaking’

Fresh Remix
Basement Jaxx – Raindrops (Doorly’s Under New Management Remix)

’Raindrops (Doorly’s Under New Management Remix)’


Old Mix
Hectic – Dangerous Group

’Hectic – Dangerous Group’
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Awesome The Temper Trap Remixes


The Temper Trap had released the track “Sweet Disposition” and “The Science of Fear” late of last year and a few remixes started to pop up awaiting the release of their album Conditions (to which I have not yet got a chance to review /sadface). Yesterday someone commented on a previous post on The Music Ninja, informing me about the new Remix from Doorly... and I was completely blown away (I got the same warm and fuzzy feeling when I heard his Bonkers Remix). Like many of his remixes, give it some time for it to really kick in. Let me know if there are other awesome The Temper Trap remix out there by commenting below!

Check out more remixes from Doorly on his myspace and follow him on twitter

temper-trapSweet Disposition (Doorly’s Dubstep Remix)

”Sweet Disposition (Doorly’s Dubstep Remix)”

Sweet Disposition

”Sweet Disposition”

The Science of Fear (Herve Dub Mix)

”The Science of Fear (Herve Dub Mix)”

Update: Thanks to Ben that commented below, here is yet another remix of The Science of Fear by Mistabshi

The Science of Fear (Mistabshi Remix)

”The Science of Fear (Mistabshi Remix)”
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