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[Electro House] Charlie Darker – Down To What?

Charlie Darker
Down To What!? (Original Mix)

If there’s one guy who’s continuously carving his own space within the realm of electro house right now, it’s Charlie Darker. His iconic sound is one of the most potent things in the genre right now, with his newest single, “Down To What?,” being yet another fireball that’s come shooting out of the producer’s studio. With Spring getting underway and warmer weather on the horizon, party fever is in the air; meaning that ragers are on the lookout for energy. Count on Charlie to always bring it, as he has done nothing but release hit after hit, including a remix for Woflgang Gartner and an EP that was released by Kannibalen Records. Keep an ear out for this guy’s tunes at festivals for the rest of the year!

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