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[Ambient] dream beach – the kiss of the century (ft. cub)

dream beach
the kiss of the century ft cub

Andy Oliver, AKA dream beach, has long been among my favorite forces in the ambient electronic scene. The watery, bell driven soundscapes he consistently crafts never fail to send me packing to extended vacations into my imagination. Thankfully, Oliver’s most recent endeavor, “the kiss of the century,” only expands on the otherworldly atmosphere that he has cultivated throughout his previous work.

The tune features fanciful singing from Detroit’s mystical vocalist CUB, and builds on it marvelously with swelling synths and hypnotic syncopation. In regard to his experience putting together this auditory imagery, Oliver told us:

“TKOTC I made mostly in total delirium. I can see myself fighting rest, barely even there, teary eyed. My favorite ideas come to me very late at night right before I’m about to fall asleep. To me the instrumental acts as audible hallucinations during what felt like temporary insanity.”

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[Alternative] Dream Beach – Spill Your Guts

dream beach
spill your guts

I’m always excited to see a new project from the genre-bending artist Dream Beach. It’s been about a month since the Detroit-based artist’s last release and he’s back with a new one. I remember being introduced to this producer when his track “drove my car into the ocean got some well deserved attention. I highly recommend that you check out that song as well as the myriad of other refined tracks Dream Beach has released in the past. You never quite know what you’re going to get from this musician but all of his creations seem to be rebelliously different while still completing their specific musical ideas. 

The new song is called “Spill Your Guts” and it definitely fulfills my high expectations. It has an alternative vocal melody backed by some creative electronic production. Stream the new single here and discover the fresh sound that is Dream Beach.

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