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[House] Drezo X Dustycloud – House

We know mornings can be quite the feat. It’s always a challenge to wake yourself from a peaceful slumber and find the motivation to pull yourself out of the warm and cozy bed. Whether it’s heading off to class or another 8-hour work day, the difficulty never fades. That’s why this Tuesday morning we are thankful to have come across Drezo and Dustycloud’s energy-driven collaboration “House.”

Guided by electrifying synths and supported with a bassline that gets the adrenaline kicking, “House” is the wake up call we’ve all been asking for – one that won’t have you moaning and groaning and the thought of leaving the bed. Take a listen and we can assure that you’ll be “up and at ’em” in no time.

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[Electro] Drezo – Dead

You know that feeling when something is so good that you died? That’s how we felt when Drezo dropped his new single “Dead” to tease his upcoming EP. Jaded will be coming out on July 14th with three total songs, “Dead” included.

Drezo is one of those producers that never seems to let up with his productions. He’s always moving upward and outward with his creative edge and technical aptitude, which shows tremendously in “Dead.” This electro infused, yet deep record has us incredibly ready with anticipation for the full project. Drezo has a ton of great songs, but this is near the tippy top. Stream it today and stay tuned for Jaded.

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