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[Future Bass] DVBBS – Always (Gorilla Bass Remix)

Always (Gorilla Bass Remix)

Gorilla Bass is back in the mix with another remix. DVBBS’ single “Always” is what the Chicago beatmaker took aim at, and he hit his mark with a quality laid-back future flip. He gives it an old-school vibe by keeping things simple, including his sound choice and design. With that booming bassline spearheading the drop, things get catchy real quick, especially given its hypnotic nature. This remix of “Always” is one of those tracks you pop on when you want to just mellow the whole world out, and it works. What else works, is releasing free music, which Gorilla Bass does here. Every so often, this dude comes out with something, and its always a good day when it does. Press play here, and stay tuned for more on Soundcloud from GB in the future.

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