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[Electronic/Pop] NVDES – D.Y.T. (Do Your Thing) ft. REMMI

D.Y.T (Do Your Thing) feat. REMMI

Featured several times here on The Music Ninja, music collective NVDES has returned to share a new single with us. Their new song D.Y.T. (Do Your Thing) is an energetic banger featuring the vocals of the talented REMMI. The new track is driven by a thumping bass line, while accented by a minimalist electronic riff and REMMI’s seductive vocals. If you’ve had the pleasure of catching NVDES in person (check our live review), you may have heard this track before, accompanied by a joke about frontman Josh Ocean’s love for the Hyundai Elantra. This high energy tune was quite the crowd-pleaser and is certain to appear on NVDES’ upcoming tour with Pierce Fulton.

D.Y.T. is the lead single off of NVDES’ upcoming E.P. La Nvdité Vol. 2. Due on December 8th, Vol 2. is the 6-track successor to a highly acclaimed Vol. 1. You can get a sense of the character and creative spirit of this LA-based music collective in our interview with Ocean here. Check out NVDES upcoming tour dates (with Pierce Fulton) below, and catch a show if you can! Continue reading

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[Electronic] Kllo – Virtue


On the heels of a lengthy world tour, Australian electronic pop duo Kllo have returned to share new music with us. Melbourne cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam have a catchy sound characterized by Kaul’s ethereal vocals overlaid on intricate electronic production. They’ve found much success with previous EPs Cusp and Well-Worn, which is why we’re delighted by their announcement for debut LP Backwater, due out later this year on Ghostly.

In anticipation of their album, Kllo have released lead single “Virtue” today. Kaul’s distinctive singing style rings true throughout the song, while the duo’s electronic production talents shine. The cousins claim to draw inspiration from the xx, which is made clear by their conjunction of moody pop vocals and UK garage/techno style beats. If you’re a fan of this tune,  preorder Backwater here or catch them on tour in Europe/Australia at the end of this year.

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[Indie/Electro-Pop] Mansions on the Moon – Full Moon EP

One of our many favorite things to come out of the Golden State, Los Angeles’ Mansions on the Moon have been perfecting a gorgeous brand of downtempo, but incredibly inviting pop music since the release of their first mixtape Paradise Falls in 2011; and after 2012’s wonderful Lightyears EP which was produced by Pharrell Williams, we were ready for something ambitious from the continuously impressive four-piece. Thus, one year later, we have been exalted with their latest body of work: Full Moon. Totaling five tracks and only 19 minutes in length, Full Moon again peels back another layer of the band’s psyche while simultaneously setting the ceiling even higher on their ever abundant potential.

The extended play’s title track (a tune we shared last month, in case you missed it)  opens with a clean, popping snare, backed by an echoey choir sample and poppy synth line all wrapped in Ted Wendler’s reverb treated vocals. “Full Moon” serves as a wonderful thesis statement for the album, flaunting a large sampling of their talents and production skill all in one pretty package. Further padding out the EP’s sounds is the anthemic indie tune (if there is such a thing) “It’s Not Too Late”. Again, Wendler’s intonations are center stage but the clever instrumentation from Ben Hazelgrove on keys and Lane Shaw’s honed in drumming add such a unique fullness to not just “It’s Not Too Late”, but to the album as a whole.

As singles “Radio”, “It’s Not Too Late” and “Full Moon” had been teased and released in the past few months leading to Full Moon’s official release, the real treat comes in the form on two previously unheard collaborative tracks, “More Than Nothing” featuring Frank + Derol lead vocalist Codi Caraco and “Heart of the Moment” with Zee Avi. Both tunes provide a departure from the still to be determined “Mansions on the Moon Sound” and lie on different ends of the spectrum. “More Than Nothing” functions as a slow-burning electro-pop ballad featuring that always lovely back-and-forth male-female vocal play with a subdued MIDI hook gently pounding away and a welcome lead piano fusing the entire movement together seamlessly; whereas “Heart of the Moment” takes us into an 80’s discotechque with some bouncy synth work and very pop appropriate vocals.

Playing into the group’s altruistic nature, Full Moon has been self-released as a “pay what you want” download on Bandcamp, so even if you have a dollar to throw down, it would no doubt be amazing to see such a talented and selfless group of artists get a little bit of monetary compensation for their amazing gift to the world. If your listening wades in the waters of indie-pop, alt-rock, hip-hop and even house their is a little something to be consumed within this set of five tracks, so go ahead and grab the full release.

’Full Moon’
’It’s Not Too Late’
’More Than Nothing (ft. Codi)’
’Heart of the Moment (ft. Zee Avi)’
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[Electro Pop/Dubstep] Paper Diamond – “Can We Go Up”


Not all dubstep has to be aggressive and inaccesible. Colorado-based producer Paper Diamond has released a new track off his forthcoming Paragon EP that’s a perfect marriage of smooth electro pop and funk nasty dub fever. “Can We Go Up” makes me think of what it would be like if Futurecop! had a love child with Deadmau5, and if that thought really gets you going this might be the jam for you. Found myself playing this one over and over, snagging the listener with super-sweet female vocal samples alternating between just the right level of WUB WUB. It’s a lot heavier than Paper Diamond’s typical airy electronic sound but grounded heavily in pop ethos to make it a crowd favorite.

Download: Paper Diamond – “Can We Go Up”

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[Electropop] Van She are a bunch of He's – Don't Fear The Reaper Cover + Beach House Take Care


Don’t Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult has gotten a new look under the Australian Electropop band Van She. Softly echoed vocals over a little psychedelic electronic background that makes this cover sounds more like dreampop than anything.

mp3: Van She – (Dont Fear) The Reaper

(Dont Fear) The Reaper .mp3′

And since we are in the realm of the electropop/deampop here is a song from Beach House, who will be releasing their 3rd album in a couple of weeks.

mp3: Beach House – Take Care.

’Beach House – Take Care.mp3′
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[Fresh Electro/Pop] Poppin' with Penguin Prison

Neon Gold records the same people that brought you Passion Pit, Marina & the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding and The Sound of Arrows have just recently signed the awfully named project by Crhis Glover called Penguin Prison. But dont let the name fool you because his electropop tunes are bound to consume you.

Neon Gold revieled one of Penguin songs “Animal Animal” back in September and are now giving us another sneak peek at his 80’s style pop driven single “A Funny Thing” before it drops on November 23rd.

Penguin Prison – A Funny Thing

’02 A Funny Thing.mp3′

Penguin Prison – Animal Animal


Bonus Remix: Penguin Prison – Animal Animal (The Sound Of Arrows Remix)

’Penguin Prison – Animal Animal (The Sound Of Arrows Remix).mp3′


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Quickie: [Electro Pop] Junior Boys

junior boys

A Hamilton, Ontario-based electronic pop group, Junior Boys is influenced by a number of music sectors — including arty synth pop, minimal techno, U.K. garage, and contemporary hip-hop.

On January 16, the duo announced in an official press release that their third full length album would be title Begone Dull Care, and released on March 24 2009 in Canada and an American release soon followed

Junior Boys – In The Morning

’JUNIOR_BOYS_ InTheMorning.mp3′

Junior Boys – Parallel Lines

’Junior Boys – Begone Dull Care – 01 – Parallel Lines.mp3′


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