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[Progressive House] Kid Arkade – Atlas Run [TMN Premiere]

Kid Arkade
Atlas Run

Kid Arkade, the anonymous collective recently snapped up by Ultra Music, are to release their first single on the label on September 5th. “Atlas Run” is a gloriously catchy piece of cinematic progressive house, and one that Kid Arkade have applied some seriously polished production to.

It grows around an developing rhythm, bringing in a powerful melody to accompany it. There is a sense of growing groove beneath the synth riffs and sequences, with energy levels driving towards a climatic finish.

“Atlas Run” is a sophisticated and well-structured first offering from this mysterious group; the future for  them is looking undoubtedly bright.



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Get To Know: 1DAFUL [TMN Exclusive Interview]

Production and DJ duo 1DAFUL have just dropped their explosive electro anthem “This Is Life” via Australian dance label VELCRO. The pair – David A and MC TB1 bring a heightened level of passion and energy to their tracks, previously highlighted in their remix of Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone.” “This Is Life” is progressive and elevated, packed with dynamic synths, grinding bass and impassioned vocals. We spoke to 1DAFUL to hear more about their music making and taking their sound worldwide.

TMN: A big fuss about EDM is that DJs “just push buttons”, but don’t actually do any work on stage. Judging from your live shows, you clearly put on quite a performance full of energy and fun, that I think everyone needs to experience at least once in their lives. Tell us more about what goes on behind the scenes, any rituals beforehand?

First of all, thanks for the love! I think we come from a school of thought that we are “button pushers”, but you need to know how to push those buttons well, and know what they’re going to trigger to make a crowd go wild. We put a lot of time and effort into deciding what the people want to hear – lots of 1DAFUL mashups, and tracks that will make people lose their minds. We always decide our first track about 5 minutes before we go o n and don’t play the same set but pride ourselves on reading a crowd rather than playing a pre-made set. No pre-show rituals but we have some fun things that we always do during a show, that crowds have started picking up on.

TMN: What’s a day in the life of 1DAFUL?

It depends on the weather! We have a great group of friends; we’re really a family unit. It often consists of us sitting in or around a pool, hanging out, working on our laptops or phones, working out, and chilling. Then depending on the day, it often ends with with a gig and an after party. We love going to new cities and meeting new people, and partying with them in their surroundings.

TMN: Name your top 5 acts right now.

Steve Aoki
Adventure Club

TMN: What was the concept behind your latest remix of “No Flex Zone”?

Well, we’re absolutely in love with Melbourne Bounce and we love to spin it. We’re also obsessed with “No Flex Zone”, us and our friends always have that “song of the month” that we just love to vibe out to. NFZ is so good, so we had to do it!

TMN: Have you played any US shows? If so, how do you see the difference in crowd as opposed to Montreal?

We have played a few in the US, and to be honest, we all have something in common; A love for EDM and the classics. All those huge festivals are a testament to everyone worldwide coming together and partying in the same crazy way. We’re also super excited to be playing our first festival, Mystik Sanctuary in OKC, September 5-7. That’s really gonna be our inaugural festival/US gig and we can’t wait!

TMN: Lastly, any plugs to include? Now’s the time!

Hahah, I guess we started with the plug for Mystik Sanctuary in the last question, so come there and party with us and Krewella, Bassnectar and more. We’ve got our debut single “This Is Life” out now and lots of originals to follow. Some cool collaborations are in the works and they’re definitely gonna be fun! Also, we’d be silly to not say follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud and our website: 1DAFUL.com. We always give away free music and exclusive stuff to our website subscribers.

Pick up a copy of “This Is Life” here. 



This Is Life
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[Electronica] Talal Qureshi – x1988

I love this gig. I really do. There’s a secret satisfaction in hearing something that you know will catch on way before the masses are aware of it, and x1988 is one of those albums that is bound to hit it big. With an interesting blend of down tempo beats, ambient sound, piano overlays and haunting melodies, Pakistani artist Talal Qureshi creates an album that is moody, atmospheric and sometimes dark, but not without enthusiasm and energy.

The first track “Leave My Hand” opens with broken down piano chords over a simple down tempo beat. When I first listened to this track I was in a desert during a monsoon. The track matched the scenery perfectly–dark desert skies,bleak landscape and torrential rain. “Juicy#2” follows in spirit, staying on the darker side of the spectrum with a simple beat, atmospherics, the signature piano riffs and a sitar sample, which I found fitting.

In contrast to the slower tracks “Blinds and Sheets,” and “Clubbing in Multan” provides the listner with more up tempo, driving electro songs. I’m not much of a dancer, but these songs had me bobbing along as I listened and never passed into the frenzied feel that accompanies some styles of electro.

The album is a good one for download, and with a 5 dollar suggested price tag, it’s definitely worth skipping that Starbucks run and downloading this album instead. The first two tracks are gratis and can be listened to here.

ps. We’ve also included a trapstep release from Quershi available on soundcloud for your consumption!

’Talal Qureshi – x2x2x’
’Talal Qureshi – Embrace’
’Talal Qureshi – Inertia’
’Talal Qureshi – Energy’
’Talal Qureshi – Clubbing in Multan’
’Talal Qureshi
Blinds and Sheets’
’Talal Qureshi x Meesha Shafi – Dhol Bajay Ga (Official Remix)’
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Diego Camejo (Rise EP Video Footage)

Experiencing heavy success, Miami’s Diego Camejo released video footage surrounding the release of his Rise EP. If the visuals of beautiful women, Miami, and extraordinary club showouts for the young DJ don’t get you clicking, I’m sure the music will.

Check out our previous write-up on the actual EP right here.

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[Electro Swing] BONAPARTE – Quarantine (Klischée Remix)

Let me start this off by saying I am a massive fan of electro swing. In relation to all the other electronically-influenced genres it is still fairly underrepresented, which is in no way a bad thing. Without too many producers overcrowding the space, it’s not difficult to spot a real gem when it surfaces on the web, and that is exactly what we have here. There are so many interesting things going on in this track, but it’s only after you hear the original that you can really appreciate the pure creative genius of this remix. Klischée, an electro-swing duo from Switzerland, completely transform the high-energy punk elements of BONAPARTE‘s single, infusing it with classical jazz elements and groovy electronic beats that transports this festival rager back in time to what I can only imagine to be a 1920’s smokey dancehall setting.

The masterful blending of the old and the new is something truly special and is definitely one of the major appeals of the genre. So swap that glowstick for a brass cane, that outrageous fluffy head ornament for a fedora, and that embarrassing fluro getup for something that oozes style, and keep it classy, ninjas.

’BONAPARTE – Quarantine (Klischée Remix)’
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[Progressive House] Diego Camejo – Rise (EP)

Miami DJ/Producer Diego Camejo has been a fiend in the club circuit for the past couple years & has yet to his pinnacle. The 21-year-old Boston University full time student presented the world his Rise EP August 5 and yes, his presence behind the decks is a present. Rise brings forth an arsenal of progressive- house remixes including: “Lights” by Ellie Goulding, “Silvia” by Miike Snow, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by Daft Punk, “No Hatred” by Cris Cab and “Seen It All” by Ronski Speed. There can be no favorites on this EP as the aficionado DJ pushes these songs to new heights with his unique elegance.

In his short career so far, Diego Camejo has already spun and held residencies at Miami’s premiere venues such as Mansion, Mokai, Set, Cameo, Rumor in Boston and Hudson Terrace in New York. For the debut of his EP, Camejo performed at Cirque de Mansion in Miami on August 1st before the official release on August 5th. Stream the whole EP below and if you’re feeling it, head to his Facebook , give him a Like and download the whole project for free.

’Ellie Goulding – Lights (Diego Camejo Remix)’
’Ronski Speed Ft. Sir Adrian
 Seen it all (Diego Camejo Remix) ‘
’Diego Camejo – Megali (Original Mix) ‘
’Miike Snow – Silvia (Diego Camejo Remix) ‘
’Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Diego Camejo Remix)’
’Cris Cab – No Hatred (Diego Camejo Remix) ‘
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[Hip-Hop/Electro] Sir Michael Rocks – Now You Do (Prod. Flosstradamus)

Sir Michael Rocks, one half of Chicago’s Cool Kids and recent Jet Life signee, is set to release his debut solo album, Lap of Lux, on August 2nd. The first single and opening track, “Now You Do,” features Flosstradamus’s legendary remix of Lana del Rey’s “Video Games”, Lana’s ThemeI am one of the first to advocate for the fusion of electronic and hip-hop and this is a perfect example of how the two can work together. The hard-hitting, trap-style of Flosstradamus, also based in Chicago, fits perfectly with the grittiness of rap. While many hip-hop loyalists are extremely cautious when it comes to incorporating EDM, artists like Sir Michael show us that the two can coexist without harming artistic integrity. An awesome collaboration that should be played at high volumes, preferably in a residential area.

’Sir Michael Rocks
Now You Do’
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