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NUEX Release their Debut EP ‘Affectus’ [TMN Exclusive Interview]


When I first came across the music of NUEX, a DC-based electro-pop duo, I couldn’t help but comment to myself on how different and unique it sounded. It certainly did not sound like the music I usually find myself listening to. But with the sultry vocals of Camille Michelle Gray and polished production of drummer/producer Teddy Aitkins, there’s just something about their soundscape. It’s dreamy, it’s haunting, and quite intentionally, it’s out-of-this-world.

NUEX, with a name drawing from the French word for “heavens, sky, clouds”, materialize a dreamy vibe with dark, mysterious undertones. Their lyrics reflect the moodiness of their tunes– a “serendipitous” occurrence that is said to draw on inspiration on the moody contemplations of life and its sometimes ugly outcomes. I had the chance to get a peek into the headspace of these two new artists and catch up with them about the creation of their latest EP, Affectus. See what they had to say below:

TMN: The dark and emotive mood that comes through in your music isn’t something I hear all too often. How did you come to land upon this sound for your musical identity?

Camille: I think Teddy and I just share an inclination for depth and profundity that naturally comes across in his production and in my lyric writing. Purely serendipity to me! We never *tried* to be deep or moody, we just both see music as an outlet to have those conversations.

Teddy: I agree with her 100%. We both have incredibly diverse taste in music, from funk to classical. I’m not sure why our music turns out the way it does but 80% of the time, when I lay hands on the piano and we begin writing a song, it just turns into the more moody dark sound. I guess it’s our bodies way of getting out our own “dark passengers”.  

TMN: I feel like I hear a little bit of Kavinsky or maybe even Gesaffelstein in your music. Can you share some insight on your influences and inspirations?

Camille: The Kavinsky reference is fabulous, he is one of my favorites. I won’t bore you with my musical influences, too exhaustive to list! So I’ll pivot and say one of my deepest influences is the ugliness of human emotion. I know it sounds vague or maybe pretentious, but I use music and songwriting as a way to explore and question those baser, nastier and darker emotions and to draw some meaning and purpose from them. And then the end product is a lyric or a melody or a song, a way to beautify what is otherwise difficult to feel. Calling the EP Affectus, Latin for emotion/mood, is symbolic of that process.

TMN: How did you two meet and decide to make music together?

Camille: One very vague posting on Craigslist! And to be honest, the start was very rocky, with Teddy and I trying to reconcile our wants and our style. The only thing that really solidified us as a duo was when I wrote Lights Off. Then I was like “Ok, wow, I like this and I like this direction.” Never looked back.

Teddy: Yea, I agree. When I first sent her the song, I don’t think she was really feeling it. I wrote it with a different genre in mind I think.  We weren’t sure of our sound or what direction we were going. We just knew wanted to make music. But once I heard what Camille had done to the song, I knew we had something magical.

TMN: What’s your creative process like when it comes to recording new songs?

Camille: I wish I could say we always sit down together in the same room and vibe off of something, which we sometimes do. But honestly we do a lot of things remotely, both because we are busy and because we enjoy creating in solitude. So Teddy’ll send me some music he created by himself, I will write to and record it by myself, and then it becomes what you hear on the EP, a combined identity of its own.

Teddy: Yea, I think it’s mainly because we love doing what we do in solitude. We still do create together and do a lot of things together. But I think we just enjoy being alone when we create. Also there is something fun about creating something and going to your partner in crime and being like “check out this thought or sound. Lets build on it”. Then we go back and forth in our own space and make it happen. Maybe we both have a lot of anxiety and silly thoughts and creating is our way of dealing. So it feels more natural for us doing it the way we do.  

TMN: Some of your lyrics are pretty heavy stuff. What’s the inspiration behind them?

Camille: Life. And how wack it can be. And how beautiful it can be. And how in-between those two things it usually is. One of our main themes as a band is space and the Universe. I write a lot from the perspective of trying to marry mundane human happenings to something larger than life, hoping to make our experience here seem more meaningful than it appears.

TMN: Is there anything else you’d like the listeners to know about Affectus?

Camille: That it took four years for it to get here! Such a long journey. Like it’s only five songs, but behind it all–so much blood, sweat and tears. Also that it is merely our introduction to the world. We have plenty else in store and are excited to be kicking the door open now.

Teddy: The music does the talking.  *said in a Michael Jackson voice* Continue reading

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Hi-Fi Cali – Soulmates [TMN PREMIERE]

Hi Fi Cali

TMN is stoked to give you all a first look at electropop duo Hi-Fi Cali’s latest single, “Soulmates.” A direct off-shoot of Chris Bartel’s previous project Bora York, the Minneapolis duo brings us a smooth, downtempo disco track with this release that’ll get you snaking your head to a synth-driven rhythm, funky guitar riff, and finessed bass. After all that action, about half way through the song you’ll get a treat of some ambient butterfly effect tones that’ll take you up and away.

While the highly pleasing falsetto vocals on this track are a close second, our favorite thing about this tune has got to be the way that Hi-Fi Cali creates a perfect symphony of retro synths throughout, all building upon one another with patience and purpose.

This tune is absolutely perfect for fans of electropop favorites Chromeo, Bag Raiders, Holy Ghost!, and even Toro y Moi. Let’s hope their hot sound can get them through those cold winters in Minnesota. Don’t freeze please—we want to hear more.

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[Electronic Pop] Pennybirdrabbit – Safer EP Review + “Run” Music Video

Los Angleles based pop-songstress Pennybirdrabbit first crashed into mainstream consciousness through a number of vocal features on tracks from the likes of her friends Skrillex, The M Machine and countless other producers for the past few years. Although many casual listeners are familiar with P.B.R. as a featured vocalist with the smattering of guest spots, our favorite lost-boy alien princess hasn’t neglected her solo project in the slightest. First, in 2012, Penny’s debut extended-play Treehouse took us all by surprise, showcasing an intrinsic ability to pair a powerfully soaring, yet girlish coo with a sample of differing instrumentation. Now, in 2013,  this latest collection of songs conjoin to create the Safer EP (out now on Big Beat Records) which was another step forward in the young artist’s evolution, again covering a wide range of production styles, but in a much cleaner and polished package.

Whereas Treehouse felt like a talented bedroom recording, every track contained within Safer comes across as if it was backed by a complete professional studio; and on that note, a group of sound engineers with a collective intent to bring out the most of those vibrant, rangey windpipes. “Dumbutton” leads the way, and immediately had my attention in no less than two bars. With a hooky synth line punctuated by a galloping, hollow drum kick, “Dumbutton” had piqued my interest without the use of Ms. Penny at all. Safe to say, once the tiny-teen heartthrob soundly makes her appearance, “Dumbutton” evolves into an emotive and pensive slow burning pop ballad, setting the scene for the duration of Safer. 

Continue reading

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January 2010 Electrogasm via Nashville Nights


After getting an Xbox 360 and announcing my gametag: nTsBacon (notorious bacon, add me!) the electronic junkie over at music blog Nashville Nights has ever since joined me on owning n00bs in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (his gametag is sicknastyyy).

Besides from owning little twelve year olds on the Xbox, Joseph from Nashville Nights posts quality written reviews with electrogasmic mp3’s. The following are just a couple of the best pop electronic songs I discovered through NN. But please, dont let this stop you, go stream all his songs on his hypem profile.


British singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding is an emerging electropop artists best known for her 2009 single “Under The Sheets”. Her vocals are a tad bit too synthetized for my liking but just like with Little Boots, both their music contains a solid foundation of melodically rich vocals to which dj/producers can easily exploit, stripping them of their dignity. However, thanks to gentlemen like Russ Chimes the song is dressed up with a much-needed upbeat electronic dress, working around the curves of Guildings new single Starry Eyed. The result is a glamorous, sexy and much danceable tune… an electrogasm – Read NN’s original Post

Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Russ Chimes Remix)


To be honest I was surprised to find out this was Katy Perry singing. I focus my attention on a lot of indie-releated news and music that a lot of things happening with mainstream artists go under my radar. I heard this track before the original that was released a couple of weeks back. Chew Fu took out all the boring pop elements that made this song mediocre and injected it with a colorful electronic juice. Now I can’t stop listening to it. The original does not compare… electrogasm!
Timbaland ft. Katy Perry – If We Ever Meet Again (Chew Fu Remix)van she remix i get around dragonette

Van She Tech‘s Micheal Di Francesco, now trying to go by Arithmatix! has dropped an electrogasmic remix of Dragonette – Pick Up The Phone.

Nashville Nights reports Dragonette will be going on tour with Little Boots and Fan Death. Click for more info.

Dragonette – Pick Up The Phone (Van She Tech)


2 … 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8 and BACK! Dutch DJ and producer Luke van Scheppingen aka Laidback Luke is one of those djs you always need to keep an eye on. He frequently releases remixes, bootleg and edits of a lot of indie music. Not only does he stay current with what the music blogosphere is currently excited about, but he is also not afraid to bring back the classics. Here is Laidback Luke bootleg version of Bob Sinclar’s Gym Tonic. – Read Full NN Post

Bob Sinclar – Gym Tonic (Laidback Luke Bootleg)

computer club logo

‘Like the final round of a videogame tournament, Computer Club’s music is loud, aggressive and spattered with grimy funk. A tendency toward the heavy, distortion-tinged sound of electro house is well balanced with his penchant for funk-laden interludes amongst the banger blitz’

DANCE DANCE DANCE! Computer Club’s remix of Elevatin by Wired All Wrong achieves a perfect balanced between aggressive dirty electro house and more subtle unaltered samples.

Wired All Wrong – Elevatin (Computer Club Remix)

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