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[Electronic] Campsite Dream – Smooth Operator

Campsite Dream are back at it again with another original single. Released on Epic Amsterdam, “Smooth Operator” is just as it describes itself, smooth. CD continue with their cool signature, but bring it to a new sonic arena.

With “Smooth Operator” we see Campsite Dream bring some influence from future bass to the table, with rising synths and poppy vocal chops. In speaking of vocal chops, we also must mention the outstanding vocal performance on the track that allowed for any chopping to occur. This is one of those songs you’ll be singing and dancing along to in no time. As stated before, “Smooth Operator” is out now in full, so you can get a copy for you digital library.

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[Electronic] OIJ feat. Gia Koka – Back To The Start Remixes EP

After OIJ‘s release of his single “Back To The Start” with Gia Koka, he and his Epic Amsterdam team wanted to gather together some remixes. They did what they set out to do, commissioning three official remixes from Y.V.E. 48, Joshua J and Paul Hazendonk.

Y.V.E. 48 starts off the remix EP with a laid-back, future tinged flip whose cool vibes will bring a chill to your bones. Joshua J comes through next with his take on “Back To The Start” that shares a similar style to the previous remix, however Joshua takes future to heart and brings the genre out more vibrantly. Lastly, Paul Hazendonk switches everything up by bringing his deep, techy take on OIJ’s original. Enjoy all three today and let us know which take on “Back To The Start” was your favorite!

’OIJ ft. Gia Koka – Back To The Start (Y.V.E. 48 Remix)’
’OIJ ft. Gia Koka – Back To The Start (Joshua J Remix)’
’OIJ ft. Gia Koka – Back To The Start (Paul Hazendonk Remix)’
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[Electronic] Comet Blue – Shooting Star

Comet Blue
Shooting Star

Comet Blue is coming in burning hot with the original single “Shooting Star.” Despite the act coming in hot, the Epic Amsterdam release is one chilled out crossover record.

“Shooting Star” brings influence from house, pop and indie dance. She’s been pushing some really great records over the course of the past year, with some people calling for her to takeover Kygo’s place at the top of the chill house sub-genre. She’s certainly got what it takes to make it in the industry, as her musical skills are out of this world. She continues to astonish us with her work that seems only to be getting better and better. Until next time, enjoy one of our favorites of hers, “Shooting Star.”

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[Electronic/Pop] Campsite Dream – Try Again

Campsite Dream
Try Again

Campsite Dream takes a bit of a different direction with their new single, and we’re not mad one bit. You can’t really look down upon an artist when they try something new. When the result is something desirable, then that’s a beautiful thing. “Try Again” is Campsite Dream’s beautiful thing in that scenario.

There won’t be any need for do-overs with this single. “Try Again” is a fun little jam that Epic Amsterdam dropped in late June. The song has been making its rounds since then with praise coming from all over. Campsite Dream has dipped into the pop style before, but now it seems to have been a full fledged target, however other styles are certainly implemented within the composition. Because it is Summer, most acts are bringing out the heavy, fun tunes, but there are those who are looking to just bring out some good vibes, including Campsite Dream. Stream “Try Again” today and head over to iTunes for a copy if you dig the song.

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[House] Kav Verhouzer & Palm Trees – In My Arms

Kav Verhouzer & Palm Trees
In My Arms

Kav Verhouzer has done it again. This time the fun-loving producer partnered up with Palm Trees to create the original single “In My Arms,” released on Epic Amsterdam. If you thought house music was getting too deep, too dark or too heavy, then Kav is a godsend, and “In My Arms” is one of his best creations yet.

“In My Arms” is a jolly song that is heavily influenced by pop music, but at its heart it is a house record. Kav and Palm Trees manage to work together in tandem as though they have done it a million times before. Everything about this song sounds so fluid and organic. You can’t help but to feel good while you are listening and grooving along to the joyous chords and jubilant melodies. It’s Summer time, and those hot playlists are getting filled up real quick, but “In My Arms” is going to be a special track within those collections. It’s perfect for fun times outdoors with good company. Don’t sleep on this one!

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[Deep House] Henri PFR – Home (Radio Edit)

Henri PFR
Home (Radio Edit)

Belgian producer Henri PFR comes to us with an original single by way of Epic Amsterdam. Straight from Brussels he comes with the radio edit of his song “Home.” For a DJ being on tour can be tough as you long for the comforts of your own space. This is what prompted the creation of Henri’s emotional track. The deep style mixed in with the touching vocal really conveys that feeling of the longing desire. “Home” is an intimate track that everyone can relate to, and it doesn’t have to even be in the literal sense of home. As the lyrics share, “home is where I am when I’m with you.” The song’s composition is as down-to-Earth as the idea behind the song, with smooth melodies and some whistling that is reminiscent of Fitz And The Tantrums’ “The Walker,” although it doesn’t go as overboard. “Home” is currently available on iTunes for purchase.

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[Tropical House] Campsite Dream – Lean On

Campsite Dream
Lean On

If someone were to send us a message that said that this email contained a tropical house remix of “Lean On” then it would be extremely hard for us to really want to open it. However, an act Campsite Dream that has swayed us in the past as fans, has offered up a new original take on the 2015 classic by Major Lazer, DJ Snake and MØ. After hearing what the Texel producer did, along with a new vocalist, we were fully embracing the tropical vibes. We were forced to admit, Campsite Dream has done it again.

These guys put together a fresh face on a track that has had a seemingly infinite amount of remixes already. Some would say that they were late to the party, but I think Campsite Dream’s timing was great. The fire has died down on the remix front, and they offered a whole different perspective by dishing this one out with a different vocalist, and keeping things as original as possible. Epic Amsterdam put this one out, however it can’t be found in digital stores. Stream on Soundcloud, or Spotify, or maybe check around the web for a download. You might just find something!

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