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[Music Video] Shiny Wet Machine – Euphoria

It’s always nice to deliver some good news. Today, we have great news for you coming from the Shiny Wet Machine camp. Not only do we have the release date for their Lights Out EP, but we have a music video for the “Euphoria” single. While you watch the raw video you can smile knowing the duo’s EP will be out on April 25th through their label Diet Punk.

“Euphoria” is an extremely fun record and the video to go along with it is equally so. Nothing about this single or the Shiny Wet Machine project at large is watered down or filtered in any way. Punk rock lives and breathes through this group and we can’t wait to see and hear what else is in store. Their sound, their attitude, their artwork and brand as a whole is as good as it gets and the rock world needs their edge. Enjoy “Euphoria” today and get ready for the full EP release coming in just a few short weeks.

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