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[Synth-Pop] Fantastic Fantastic – The Night [TMN Premiere]

Fantastic Fantastic
The Night

Fantastic Fantastic may be a relatively unknown entity at the moment; but their lush, crepuscular take on synth driven pop melodies carries a maturity far beyond what their now modest catalog of releases would suggest. Comprised of Kris & Micke, the London based duo’s latest single “The Night” bends a poppy, upbeat vocal inflection around a sea of modulated synthesizer -no doubt pulled from their envious Antonelli MIDI– that Kavinsky may evenĀ  be a little green over; fostering a welcome contrast between Fantastic Fantastic’s vocal and instrumentation. While “The Night” may only be the pair’s third single under the Fantastic Fantastic moniker, it’s clear their chemistry shines through a developed production sense already more so than some of the “synth-pop persuasion’s” most notable acts, and we were chomping at the bit to premiere this one today; which also just so happens to coincide quite serendipitously with the arctic chill that has swept through this writer’s hometown of Denver. We’ll surely keep our wonderful TMN readership updated as the Globally tinged duo glides seamlessly over decades and borders as their bio would suggest, but for now, stream Fantastic Fantastic’s “The Night” above before anyone else has the chance.

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