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[Multi-Genre] Grabbitz – Friends EP

Grabbitz is one of those producers whose talent shines in every single creation they make. Some may recognize him from the recent coverage regarding Deadmau5 reaching out to him on Twitter. We know him from his remixes of “Get Low” and “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You,” along with other originals. Speaking of originals, Grabbitz dropped an all original EP called Friends on Monstercat.

Seven songs including introduction, transition, and closing episodes of experimental nature make up this EP. In going back and forth between flexing his bass music guns and his more film-score like talents he manages to create a project that is more than just some cool tracks he’s been working on. He’s built a complex experience by weaving dub tracks like “Here With You Now” and “Turn Around” with works like the trapped out collaboration with Faustix and “A Walk To The Gallows,” a mystical conclusion to an outstanding EP. Friends is the EP project that Grabbitz fans have been waiting for, and his next move is going to be to top this. There’s no doubt in the ninjas mind’s he will!

’Grabbitz – 7.6.14 (Intro)’
’Grabbitz – Here With You Now’
’Grabbitz – Friends (with Faustix)’
’Grabbitz – Transition (Short)’
’Grabbitz – Turn Around’
’Grabbitz – Way Too Deep’
’Grabbitz – A Walk To The Gallows’
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