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Prismatic & Tetrix Bass – Fuse [TMN Premiere]

On June 29th Firepower Records will be releasing the Mad Famous EP by Baltimore’s Prismatic. Instead of having you wait over a week to get a glimpse of the project, we’re premiering one of the records for you right here! Prismatic’s collaboration with Tetrix Bass on “Fuse” is lighting up the dojo.

“Fuse” is a no holds barred dubstep hit for any and all headbangers out there; that is, if your neck can last through it. Prismatic and Tetrix Bass put together a three minute and twenty second piece together, but unlike with most productions by others, these two don’t skimp on the meat of the song. Be prepared for the bass to blast through your speakers for most of the song. Enjoy the exclusive first listen and check back online June 29th for the full Mad Famous EP!

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Audiowrx – Feels (feat. Jade LeMac) [TMN Premiere]

Tomorrow, Audiowrx will be dropping their EP, The Awakening, on Firepower Records. Instead of having you wait for the entire project tomorrow, we’ve got you covered with an exclusive premiere of the single “Feels” in the dojo today!

“Feels” features a vocalist by the name of Jade LeMac who happens to be only THIRTEEN years old. That’s right – and she kills it. The same can be said for Audiowrx with their future bass production that certainly lives up to its name by evoking deep emotions. We’re happy to give you the chance to hear it first and make sure to check back online tomorrow for the full EP!

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[Multi-Genre] 8Er$ – The Golden Axe EP

One of bass music’s brighter gems in 8Er$ has just graced Firepower Records with an EP. His four track EP, The Golden Axe, will chop your speakers up with its sharp bassy edge that can be found throughout the varying genres expressed in this project.

The Golden Axe starts off awesomely with “Awesome,” a record that pays homage to early 2010’s dubstep while blending the style with its 2018 counterpart. Next 8Er$ switches things up with the bass house single “RRR” that may be our favorite song on the EP. Holly joins in the fun with his collaboration on “Flushin” that exhibits a syruppy, slow hybrid sound. Lastly, we reach the final single that just so happens to be the title track. As the title track, it closes The Golden Axe out perfectly with a maniacal composition. Add The Golden Axe to your arsenal today.

’8Er$ – Awesome’
’8Ers$ – RRR’
’8Er$ & Holly – Flushin’
’8Er$ – Golden Axe’
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[Dubstep] Chime – Featherweight EP

Why Chime named is EP Featherweight, I have no clue, because this four track project is heavy as f***. Released on Firepower Records, this project is dubstep through and through. If you can’t handle the bass, you better get up outta here.

One thing we’ve always loved about Chime’s sound is the influences he infuses into his work to separate them from the usual batch of bass records that his contemporaries come out with. Chime’s always kept his own style that he’s tweaked over the years. Featherweight is the culmination of that experimentation, mixed with the now common riddim style that has taken over the dubstep genre. You’ve been warned – dive into the bass if you’re ready and add this EP to your digital library.

’Chime – Featherweight’
’Chime & Lost Vegas – Damage’
’Chime – Smokescreen’
’Chime – Missingno’
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Sacred Sciences & English Lit – Gym Class Hero (feat. Control) [TMN Premiere]

Firepower Records has been unleashing the 8th volume of their Flatline compilation series bit by bit and today we’re offering up a first listen to one of the tracks. “Gym Class Hero” by Sacred Sciences, English Lit and Control is, as you’d imagine from this group of artists and label, an enormously heavy tune.

These three acts joined up to supplement each others attributes for a dirty dubstep original that implements hip-hop to further sweeten the pot. The rough-toned rapping fits perfectly with the gritty low frequencies that “Gym Class Hero” boasts. The full compilation release will be happening on March 30th, so you can pre-order the LP or buy the track once Friday comes along. For now enjoy your exclusive first listen!

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[Dubstep] Hi I’m Ghost – Ghost Boogie

Hello, are you ready to boogie? Because Hi I’m Ghost dropped a major two-track EP on Firepower Records entitled Ghost Boogie. It’s not disco, instead Hi I’m Ghost drops us in the middle of a beastly barrage of dubstep.

“Pow Pow” starts off the EP with pure, bass driven aggression that will bring all the headbangers out to the front rows. The same can be said for the title track that comes next with its riddim inspired sound. Together these records should satisfy the basshead inside, it certainly did for us. If you’d like a copy of the EP, you may add it to your digital library from online stores today.

’Hi I’m Ghost – Pow Pow’
’Hi I’m Ghost – Ghost Boogie’
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[Multi-Genre] Michael White – Diamonds EP

Michael White is a need to know name if you don’t know it already. The Spaniard has been killing it over the years with his ferocious sound that isn’t contained within a single genre. Just take his newest release as evidence of that. Diamonds dropped on Firepower Records and is stacked with four hard-nosed hits.

First Michael starts things off with the heavy and unforgiving “Diamonds In My Mouth.” Then we’re hit with his collab “Make The Hit” with GARABATTO that comes with its hip-hop groove. “Moves” shifts things up further with its electro heat. Lastly, Diamonds is closed out with a Rob Gasser collab that sounds like a few songs jammed into one in the best way possible, fusing styles like few producers can pull off. All together, this project is a must have, so add it to your digital library today!

’Michael White – Diamonds In My Mouth’
’Michael White & GARABATTO – Make The Hit’
’Michael White – Moves’
’Michael White & Rob Gasser – Pleasure’
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