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[Album Preview] Brigg Fair – full length debut

When making an album, recording live is the musical equivalent of doing your crossword puzzle in pen. It’s risky. If one member of the band falters or delivers a performance that’s less than stellar- it shows through in the playback and you pretty much have to record the whole song over. There are very few opportunities to “punch in” where you left off in this kind of recording environment. Because of that, engineers often steer bands away from live recording. When it’s done right, though, it’s gold. The Album becomes a testament to a moment, an honest feel for the bands sound, as if you were watching them at a concert. It gives the record an energy and drive that cannot be created through tracking.

This is the nature of the mantle that Geoff Ereth and his band Brigg Fair have taken upon themselves. A challenge that they have well met through both their performance and the location in which they recorded- the sanctuary of an old church, whose high ceilings allow for beautiful organic reverberation and a light pulsing echo.

Brigg Fair – You Know Who You Are

’Brigg Fair – Brigg Fair – 01 You Know Who You Are.mp3′

Set to release in March 2012, Brigg Fair’s full length debut is a blend of soft rock and power pop that truly has something to say. “How’d you like to make some money? How’d you like to kill yourself for change?” Continue reading

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[Folk] Fleet Foxes' (somewhat) New Direction


Fork Knife Music proclaims that 2009 was the year of forgetting the wonderful five-piece Seattle-based band Fleet Foxes saying, “They were the darlings of ’08, and that summer was filled with complete, non-stop Fleet Foxes, listening to album so much that every musical nook and cranny became memorized and cherished.” With over a quarter of plays on their myspaces just on the two months after they went online, they had established themselves as THE indie folk band to talk about.

At the end of 2008, their first album Fleet Foxes was rated album of the year by Billboard’s Critic’s Choice and in Metacritic’s end of year best album round-up it appeared in 17 lists, topping six of them.

They toured for most of 2009 and yet without releasing new content it almost seemed that they had been forgotten this year.

Will 2010 be the same? I doubt it! Even though there is not clear date for the release of the next album, they have guaranteed a release in mid 2010. This time Fleet Foxes will be heading into a much softer direction. Lead vocalist Robin Pecknold told Pitchfork that while it is not going to be a darker album, they will definitely tone down the tempo a notch to to provide a much softer mellow sound.

I found it interesting that Hot Cakes decided to quote this specific part from the Pitchfork interview.

“I want the recording to be really fast. I want to do all the vocal takes in one go, so even if there are fuck-ups, I want them to be on there. I want there to be guitar mistakes. I want there to be not totally flawless vocals. I want to record it and have that kind of cohesive sound.”

With a lot of artists spending too much time inside the studio, the genuine guys of Fleet Foxes understand that music is a form of expression and they dont want anything to stand in the way between their music and their listeners.

Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal

’Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal.mp3′

Fleet Foxes – Blue Ridge Mountains


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