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[Multi-Genre] Bad Royale – Quest of the Magi EP

Bad Royale are back at it again with their second EP release on Buygore. Quest of the Magi has the four producers sticking with their five track projects, as well as keeping with their unbounded style. Collaborators on the EP include their friends Ragga Twins, along with Clinton Sly, General Jah Mikey, Fly Boi Keno, and Goldie Gold.

Given that Bad Royale haven’t put out a bad, or even mediocre record yet, going into this project you already know you’re getting into something good. All five tracks are fire, but the ones that stick out above the rest are “$hakebox” and “Real Ruff Stuff.” The former is a twerk to moombah record that would have Diplo shaking his ass in praise. “Real Ruff Stuff” is a hard-nosed breakbeat record that samples the great DJ Hanzel. For those of you who like to get really wild, this is the epitomy of your sonic desires. Quest of the Magi is up for sale now, and it’s well worth the price.

’Bad Royale – Bounce With Me (Feat. Clinton Sly)’
’Bad Royale – Real Ruff Stuff (Feat. Ragga Twins)’
’Bad Royale – De Policeman (feat. General Jah Mikey)’
’Bad Royale – $hakebox (feat. Fly Boi Keno)’
’Bad Royale – Feelin It’ (feat. Goldie Gold)’
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