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[Indie/Electronic] argonaut&wasp – Future Protocol EP

The Vermont duo argonaut&wasp have just self-released their new EP, Future Protocol, today. Their fusion of indie with electronic is staggering, with the mixture being taken all over the place for the different sounds that make up the four tracks on the project. From listening to Future Protocol, you get a sense that these guys are a band and not two dudes just making beats, which makes sense, because when hey play live, they actually do have a band with them! Jamming out to something like “Higher Ground” or “Pistol Pump Funk” would be a smashing good time. In contrast, “Stranger Lover” and “Crystal Stills” are more feely type tracks, with a softer sound that plays with the emotions in a more subtle manner. All four get thumbs up from this guy, and if you feel the same, head on over to iTunes to nab this project.

’argonaut&wasp – Higher Ground’
’argonaut&wasp – Stranger Lover (When You Came Into My Life)’
’argonaut&wasp – Pistol Pump Funk’
’argonaut&wasp – Crystal Stills’
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