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[House] Jace Mek – Conjunct

Jace Mek

Good Enuff has come back with another Jace Mek tune. If you’ve been reading this site for a while, then you’ve had to come across several Jace Mek tunes as he’s one producer that never disappoints. His streak continues with “Conjunct.”

“Conjunct” is just as dark and weird as the usual Jace Mek but it has a bit of a different mood to it than his usual work. The best way we can describe it is Jace Mek in Summer. It’s clubby, but not in any way that has you thinking Top 40 or David Guetta. Far from it in fact, as Jace manages to take his signature and bring it into a new field that is perfect for this time of year. Don’t be surprised when you hear this being played out by house guys at festivals all over the world. Get your copy today.

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[Multi-Genre] Bad Royale – Treasures From Tomorrow EP

Bad Royale kick ass. I could leave the post solely with that sentence and let the Treasures From Tomorrow EP speak for itself. Several days ago, Good Enuff dropped this three track EP on the world, and the world wasn’t ready.

Every time Bad Royale releases something, it’s more than dope. Treasures From Tomorrow keeps up their their streak without wavering. As usual, they have a few collaborators on the project; this time around being Mark Hardy, Brukout, and Future Fambo. Bad Royale’s caribbean bass style is expressed in full, as usual, but with this project they integrate new sounds and flavors that even their oldest of fans will enjoy. Throughout the project, Bad Royale move between genres, not only between songs, but within them. It’s one fun ride that you can stream/purchase or download for free. Whatever you choose, enjoy it!

’Bad Royale – Galaxy Ranger (feat. Mark Hardy)’
’Bad Royale – Vibrate (feat. Brukout)’
’Bad Royale – Gyal Ya Shake It (feat. Future Fambo)’
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