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[Smooth] Gosh Pith – Gold Chain

Gosh Pith
Gold Chain

Gosh Pith return with a lovely tune to ease any holiday stress. Tackling the constant conflict between the meaningful and the meaningless, ‘Gold Chain’ is our first glimpse into a new EP they’ll be releasing early 2016. 69 continue to bend tradition and exercise their ability to effectively spread the love. This complimentary tune is like a holiday card you wish you wrote them. Although it comes to a wrap quite quickly, it’s awfully sweet. These guys know how to bake, do the dishes and hit the jewelry store! Catch them with girlyboi in Chicago at Schubas (12/14) or in Brooklyn at Rough Trade (12/17). More to come from this devoted duo out of Detroit.

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[Smooth] Gosh Pith – Child

Gosh Pith

Duo Gosh Pith resurfaces with a brand new single entitled ‘Child’. It feels like the perfect time for 69 to unleash their most vibrant tune yet as the Spring season in Detroit just begins to bloom. ‘Child’ certainly feels like a dream, but it also carries a set conscious lyrics filled with comforting reminders. This song is a reward to all of us for simply living and learning everyday. Gosh Pith continues to elevate an already impressive collection with this brand new piece to follow up the Jonah Baseball remix of ‘Smoke Bellow‘. It serves as just their fifth original release to date, but they’ve promised major releases shortly. Stay tuned.

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(MP3 Playlist) Indie Dojo (February 2015 Round #3)


It’s amazing how the musical world never stops pumping out new jams. Every day, every hour, maybe every minute even, a brand new musical creation is being pushed into the swirling magic of the world wide web. And one by one, we pluck them and place them into an Indie Dojo to be shared with whoever crosses our path. And no matter how many we pluck, we never, ever have to worry about extinction ’cause someone is already working on the next replacement.

’Aurora – Runaway’
’Gosh Pith – Prints’
’Flora Tropics – Visual Diet’
’flor – back again’
’Jesse Davidson – Laika’
’Peppermint Cloud Club – Young Lovers’
’Jens Kuross – Steadier’
’Sierra Reeves – Give It Up’
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Gosh Pith- Prints

Gosh Pith

Gosh Pith finally defrosted their equipment after a neighbor left a ‘Window‘ open for too long! The duo unites us with a brand new single entitled ‘Prints’. Written after taking shrooms and running out of gas, 69 remained cool and honored each other to deliver this sexy tune. It exposes the temper of the frigid times in Detroit and also reminds us of our greatest desires. With already three successful releases under their belt, this may be the final single from Gosh Pith before we receive their debut EP. They racked up a healthy amount of miles this past January, playing 12 shows, all while working day jobs and recording new music to stay balanced. Premiered over at NYLON, ‘Prints’ is sure to swirl.

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[Chill] Gosh Pith – Window

Gosh Pith

Circulating the Internet is duo Gosh Pith. Many of us bloggers have vibed to cosmic trap tunes ‘Waves‘ & ‘Smoke Bellow‘, which came in the early stages of what shall be a long journey for two Joshs. Comfort has been found this winter in the cold streets of Detroit as they’ve birthed new single ‘Windows’ to keep us absorbed in their movement. It’s an inviting and raw release with resonant bass, dreamy vocals and expressive guitar. “I feel you knocking at my window. I feel you hanging around.” 

Their attitude and visual presentation display confidence. For those who think Detroit is detached, Gosh Pith is here to show you how strong of a connection they’ve created in their city. Only getting wiser, the duo will be playing live in 12 cities this month- dates here. They will cross borders. Be on the lookout for more from this promising act.

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[Chill] Gosh Pith – Smoke Bellow

Gosh Pith
Smoke Bellow

Don’t call it a comeback, but Detroit’s music scene made quite a comeback in 2014 thanks to innovative artists like Jack White, Danny Brown, and GRiZ. And while the Motor City is earning its mainstream appeal, it hasn’t lost its charm for independent and upcoming artists, such as the Gosh Pith duo. Inspired by the empty streets of their gritty city following nightlong raves and warehouse parties, the two created “Smoke Bellows”, yet the message is clear. True art is always out there, whether we know it or not. In a new era where artists can not only incorporate ideas and sounds from different genres, but distribute their creativity across multiple channels, the need and want for artists like Gosh Pith is becoming greater than ever and these two have the sonic intuition to have true staying power in the industry, whether it’s on stage or behind the scenes.

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