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[Music Video] Luna Shadows – Hallelujah California

Luna Shadows has quickly become one of California’s prized possessions. In a short amount of time, she’s gained a lot of traction for her crossover style and unique brand. Her imagery may be in black and white, but her creations are just the opposite; full of life and color.

On July 1st, her Birthday, she released her debut EP, Summertime. One of the lead singles off the project was “Hallelujah California,” which now has its own music video. The imagery within this piece is a fascinating collection of visuals from around her Southern California home. She keeps within her aesthetic, which until now we have only experienced in photographs. Now that it has been unleashed in video form, the experience the viewer has is moving. Luna Shadows is a true artist that is able to not only entertain, but to really play with your emotions. We have huge love for her, as well as the other individuals who helped on this project, including the Ride or Cry Collective, Production Club and many more. Watch the video today and hit up iTunes for the full EP.

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