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[House] Ronzel – Hallucinations


The brand new imprint Jackson Records has launched with the release of “Hallucinations” by the San Diego producer Ronzel. This deep and enduring house record sees Ronzel play with new tones and textures, expanding his already impressive palate.

“Hallucinations” is all tech, with cosmic soundscapes, driving basslines, crisp, bustling percussion and so much more. It’s an intricate piece that’s more than meets the ears. It’s a track that is great in a club, but also engaging in headphones as you’re able to zone out of the world and immerse yourself in Ronzel’s creation fully. Check out the track today and if you like what you hear, then feel free to grab a copy of it from iTunes.

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[Electronic] Moonlight Matters – Hallucinations feat. Black Atlass

Sony Music’s Moonlight Matters has a saucy new single that your ears need to hear. “Hallucinations” is the track and it features Alex Fleming, aka Black Atlass. Together these acts have come up with something so silky smooth, it stands as the new archetype of the given adjective.

“Hallucinations” has that spacey, cosmic vibe that can often be associated with hallucinations. The groovy electronic composition is intimate and strong, reaching deep into the listener touching core emotions that not every song can reach. A strong vocal performance always helps a track and this single has that tenfold. You’ll be singing along in no time. “Hallucinations” is the first track of the year from MM, but it surely won’t be the last. Plenty more good music is on the way.

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