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[Electronic] Halsey – Bad At Love (Autograf Remix)

We’ve been missing music trio Autograf for a little while now, since they put out their last original “Sleepless in NYC.” But thankfully, they’re back, and this time, they’re supplying us with their fresh take of Halsey’s “Bad At Love.” In their rendition of the pop hit, they introduce quite a different sound from what we’re accustomed to, and we are definitely okay with it. Autograf go a bit harder than normal in the remix, sneaking in the perfect dose of trap elements without overpowering the “Bad At Love’s” innate pop vibe. Get ready to have this one on replay all weekend.

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[Future/Trap] Halsey – Now Or Never (Slander Remix)

We didn’t get the Halsey x Slander original we wanted, but the duo has come through with a remix of her song “Now Or Never.” Released as a free download, this track no doubt has been and will be rocked in their sets over the Summer.

With all the remixes coming out, this is one that stands out, not only because of who the remixer is and who they’re remixing, but because it’s a grand musical illustration that is just what the mainstage is looking for. Most producers are bringing out their “big” tracks but sometimes they just don’t quite feel as big as they should. This feels exactly how it should, large and in charge. Stream it today and get your copy before checking out more music in the dojo!

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[R&B] Lido & Santell – Passion Project II (EP Review)

’Lido & Santell – Committed’
’Lido & Santell – Recruit’
’Lido & Santell – Mariah/Say You Scared’

After releasing the well-circulated, greatly successful album Everything this past October, Lido hopped on tour to promote his new material. As we covered during a stop here in the Bay Area, Lido was equipped with an impressive live setup, taking over some of the most prestigious venues across the country. Now, after finishing up the Everything Tour, the young producer has once again teamed up with Santell to follow up their Passion Project series.

A slight departure from the solo sounds of Lido and a world away from the Jersey Club characteristics of Trippy Turtle, the duo have made clear in PPII that the success of the electronic R&B collaboration is no fluke. In fact, the genre is gaining some traction behind producers such as Mar and Full Crate as well. In Passion Project II, listeners get an earful of what the duo have been up to since the October 2015 release of PPI. Continue reading

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[Future] Halsey – New Americana (Brooks Brown Remix)

New Americana (Brooks Brown Remix)

Brooks Brown is one of the hottest up and coming producers in the game. If you don’t know him already, then you will in a moment. Not only will you know him, but you will love him, for his work sounds like it is coming from a veteran in the scene. Recently, the youngster did a remix of “New Americana” by Halsey that is to die for. He never manages to disappoint, whether it’s with originals or remixes; he always exceeds expectation time and time again. With this remix he stays with his future sound that he continues to hone. It’s a powerfully emotional record that is short and sweet as can be. Only thing is, there is no download for it, so you’re gonna have to stream it a billion times, which won’t be a problem.

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[House] Halsey – Trouble (Enzo Bennet Bootleg)

Trouble (Enzo Bennet Bootleg)

Mau5trap’s own Enzo Bennet uploaded a smooth Summer bootleg onto his Soundcloud recently that has our insides glowing, and our outsides grooving. “Trouble” by Halsey was flipped with no trouble at all, with the result being a soothing edit that you can have on repeat all day without hesitating to turn it off. Keeping the piano as a core element kept the beauty of the original in this remix, along with the vocal that is simply astonishing. There are times when a bootleg turns into an official remix, and we wouldn’t be surprised if that ends up happening here. Enzo delivered a truly magnificent work that everyone needs a piece of. Press play and stream it, as there is currently no download/purchase for the record.

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[House] Halsey – Ghost (Lost Kings Remix)

Ghost (Lost Kings Remix)

Following their epic Imagine Dragon remix, LA-based Lost Kings are switching gears to melodic house by remixing “Ghost” by New York singer Halsey. To our surprise, the combination of the two forces works wonders. Halsey’s vocals go perfectly with the joyful vibe driven by a tropical synth. The tune is stripped and then accompanied by slowed drums. You will be caught singing along and dancing to this catchy tune without question.

The Lost Kings once again showcased their diverse caliber, as they’re able to grab different elements and turn them into something special. If you want to get through your mid-week struggle, or want something that will make you happy in an instant, here’s your answer.

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[Sensual] Lido x Halsey – Slow

Slow (Lido x Halsey)

It’s getting harder and harder to talk about Lido without sounding like a broken record. Not only did he just release every remix he did in 2014 for free on his website (I’d have a sight reader handy if you aren’t familiar with the musical staff), but he also snuck in a sexy new original that samples Jaden Smith, has Halsey simply killing it with her vocal prowess, and is topped off with some extra assistance on guitar from HeavyxMellow. Right off the bat, you know you have a winner there.

This team flips the script in perspective with Halsey’s dive into a club “relationship,” interceded by the Jaden Smith sampled chorus and Lido’s smooth-as-always production. She’s addressed the message they were going for recently:

It’s no surprise that Lido is involved in something refreshing, and paired with Halsey’s dainty vocals and biting lyrics, he continues on his unflinching precedent he’s set for himself with his stellar tunes and remixes. If you’re looking for a download of this tune, it’s included in his remix care package linked above so don’t miss out!

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