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[Electro] Phenatiks – House Music

House Music

“House Music” by Phenatiks is just that. Granted, it does dip heavily into the electro style, so don’t expect everything to be all bright and shiny. Instead think dark and dirty like you would find in an underground rave, but like a real rave, not the candy-coated concerts that DJ is throwing nowadays.

Phenatiks bring a deep cut that will slice deep into your night. It’s just the right kind of party track that will give you that second or third wind you need depending on how late the night is. With a bassline that will knock you out, “House Music” is a certified banger. We don’t generally pull that inflated term out of our bag of vocab, but there’s no way around it with this heater. Did we also mention it’s a free download? Because it is.

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[Event Preview] Steve Angello – SIZE In The Park (Sept. 26,27)

Everyone is bummed Swedish House Mafia played their final show at Ultra this year, but we all have to collectively band together and get over it. One thing that will help is supporting the guys’ individual efforts. Today we’re stoked to bring you a tasty morsel that comes via Steve Angello.

The internationally renown superstar DJ/Producer makes his long awaited return to New York City with the second annual “SIZE In The Park” at Rumsey Playfield in historic Central Park. This is the second event of its kind after debuting last year, and even after a single event, it was widely considered NYC’s best dance music events of the year.

While one night would be more than enough to appease the big apples dance desires, this Greek-Swedish DJ, record producer, and record label owner has agreed to perform on two nights, September 26th and 27th.

This is going to be one of those “must see” shows of the year, so make sure you have your credit cards ready Friday, August 9 at 12PM EST. Tickets will be available here.

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