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[House] Jameston Thieves – Hypnotic

Jameston Thieves

Jameston Thieves always has the dank records. When we saw he had a release on Uprise Music, another avenue of dope tracks, the dojo was hyped. After listening to “Hypnotic” we were in a trance that left us vehemently clicking the repeat button.

“Hypnotic” is as catchy as it is groovy. Club DJs who skip out on downloading this freebie are doing themselves a major disservice. Fans who skip it are doing the same. Jameston Thieves never ceases to amaze us in every aspect of the creation process. Time and time again he proves why he is among the best up and coming acts and “Hypnotic” is among the best works in the JT catalog. Its refreshing, yet familiar, and its basslines will get even the stiffest of people up and dancing. “Hypnotic” is downright epic, so download it today and get familiarized with the one and only Jameston Thieves.

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[Electronic] Vanic X Zella Day – Hypnotic

Vanic X Zella Day

One thing we love here at TMN is coming across those artists who are absolutely consistent with their quality of music. It’s difficult for artists, especially in EDM, to find their own sound–a sound that sells to a diverse audience–and stick with it while not letting that sound get lost in the over-saturated music of today.

Vanic is an artist who still has yet to release a product that hasn’t surprised or stunned his listeners. We’ve been a fan of his music for quite some time now, and though his sound has developed a bit in that period, it still has Vanic written all over it.

For his most recent release, Vanic brilliantly remixes Zella Day‘s “Hypnotic,” turning it into something of an electronic masterpiece. Vanic spices up the the original (which is already composed of an underlying dark harmony that presents you with a feeling of mystery) in a way that is so hot, your sound system may or may not catch on fire. He transforms the song into pure sex (try to think Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show finale) that will leave you begging for more.

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