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[Future Feels] Free N Losh – I Love You So

Free n Losh
I Love You So

Something that you really have to commend songwriters and producers for is creativity. Yeah anyone can get creative, but with an infinite amount of music out there, the struggle for new ideas can get pretty real. That’s where sampling comes in. As a technique that’s been around for a while now, producers have figured out numerous ways to get innovative with it. Not only do they create a new melody by putting together a few clips of music, but they now also have the ability to manipulate an original segment of a song, and turn it into something completely unfamiliar and novel.

Now let’s talk about the beautiful new release from Canadian duo Free N Losh, “I Love You So.” Taking their musical talent to uncharted territory, the boys masterfully sample the chorus from Candyman’s “Knockin Boots”, which was later sung by Samantha Cole on Shaggy‘s 2k hit, “Luv Me, Luv Me.” What was once an old school hip-hop jam and later a pop hit is now a euphoric feels-inciting tune that will alleviate a long day’s stress.

Placing the softened vocals over some original mellow production, the track becomes a musical oasis of ethereal sounds that give off a feeling of tenderness creating a romantic vibe. So, looking to unwind or get cozy with your boo? Peep this track and then make sure to snag the free download.

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