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[Electronic] St. Albion Feat. Max Frost – Ghosting

St. Albion
Ghosting feat. Max Frost [St. Albion Private Stream]

While St. Albion is still somewhat of a new name in the electronic scene, he’s quickly rose among the Spotify and Hype Machine charts. Albion’s original work has featured Perth vocalist Teischa, Brisbane producer Feki and now US vocalist, Max Frost, and the finished product has been nothing short of unique.

One of the best parts of this track is its lack of ability to be pigeonholed into one sub-genre. Between the indie sound of Max Frost’s vocals, the dance melody, and climactic intro into what is more of a future bass sound there is nothing cookie cutter about this original work. The majority of the track was written in a day and that quick turn around work boasts the authenticity this budding producer is looking for and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. Stream on Spotify or purchase on iTunes.

Me and Max sat down and wrote the song together, It’s about ending a relationship – or getting away from something – that’s toxic. It’s not strictly about a boy and girl breaking up, it could be about anything: a bad business relationship, a bad friendship. It’s a little bit fun, but there’s meaning to it as well. – St. Albion
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Emerson Long – Heatwave [TMN PREMIERE]

Emerson Long

Happy Monday folks! You may be reading this thinking, “Omg, work sux and so do Mondays,” and you would be right, until moments like these when TMN gets to bring you a fresh track that will lift your spirits and get your week off to a skippy lil’ start. With this new release we at TMN are ready to send you on your happy day way with a premiere of Melbourne-based producer Emerson Long’s new track “Heatwave.”

The first in a set series of releases scheduled for 2016, this track is sure to bring a tropical lightness to your day (don’t let its February release fool you). Starting with a sun-dazed electropop synth intro, Long’s vocals come in smooth creating a soundscape that puts you in the vaycay mindset, filled with visions of palm trees and Coronas. How much more anti-Monday can you get? The track is exactly what Emerson is quoted as saying he hoped it would be: “Something that can add a little touch of summer to your life, no matter who you are or where you are in this world,” – Emerson Long.

Dang Emerson… nice.

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[Indie Dance] Gryffin – Headed Home ft. Josef Salvat

Heading Home Ft. Josef Salvat

New York based producer Dan Griffith, aka Gryffin, has been making a whole bunch of light-hearted and fun remixes over this past year. The ascension he’s made in this short of a time period is telling of where he’s headed—~*~*among the stars~*~*~. For the longest time his remix of Tove Lo’s “Talking Body” was something we had to blast in our lives at least 5 times per Friday, so we’re so excited and happy to see that he’s finally released his first very own track, “Heading Home” featuring Josef Salvat.

A familiar start for a Gryffin track, he begins with a piano intro complete with some faint pulsing delay and then brings in the smooth like butter vocals of London-based Josef Salvat, an artist whose work brings the perfect amount of soul into the track. The happy snaps come in and we know a blissful drop is coming, but not before Salvat leaves us with some words of wisdom: “People gonna judge, people gonna talk, they can say what they like, won’t keep me up at night.”

The tune delivers happiness, vibes, and the need to dance, and we can tell you that this is definitely one we’re going to be blasting at our camping spots come this festival season, and all of our friends will be smiling and jumping and giddy and all will be good in the world. Luckily many of you will be able to do that in front of a stage he’s playing, too, because he’s going to be all over this year’s festival circuit.

Stream the tune above or check it out on Spotify’s electroNOW playlist!

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[Indie Dance] Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do (Gazzo Remix)

Gazzo Music
Ellie Goulding-Love Me Like You Do (Gazzo Remix)

Gazzo just released this official remix of “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding, once again showing his versatility in producing quality music. Whether it’s future bass, progressive house or electro, the Jersey-based producer’s got it all. Adding in a chill beat and intricate guitar melodies, Gazzo creates a dance track hooked with emotions. The original vocals are flipped and slowed in tempo to keep the authenticity of the tune. We knew that you just could not stop singing along to the original, and now you can sing AND dance to it.

Gazzo excelled at keeping us guessing, and this tune perfectly exemplifies that. We are very excited to ride along with a producer like him, who does not let genres define his sound.

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[Deep/G-House] The Game – Let’s Ride (SNBRN Remix)

The Game
Let's Ride (SNBRN Remix)

When one reads through the bevy of garble that is much of dance music blogging; a lot of the same words and expressions seem to get thrown around from writers who simply may not have the firm grasp of music theory that was once required or expected of music writers. Terms like “banger”, “sick bassline”, “good vibes” and more have sadly become an accepted reality of track descriptions throughout much of the dance music blogosphere. So it comes with wholehearted excitement that this writer will for the first time have nothing to describe this one other than to say that without a doubt, SNBRN‘s remix of The Game’s staple “Let’s Ride” is an absolute G-House monster. On the heels of remixing Indiana’s “Heart On Fire” and in the same vein as his “21 Questions” remix, the So-Cal groove layer returns to TMN with perhaps his largest sounding remix to date. Filled with punchy kicks, clean snares and a good ol’ fashioned chunky analog bassline; SNBRN perfectly encapsulates all of the The Game’s fierce gangster swag while simultaneously pulling it into a completely new sector of the club. When queried about the tune, he relayed “So I wanted to follow up my 21 Questions remix with another hip hop throwback. I found Doctor’s Advocate in the back of my car and knew I had to remix something from the album. Let’s Ride just stood out to me and so it began. I wanted to take the best parts of the original track while infusing a fresh g-house club style facelift.” Well, we certainly think SNBRN’s hit the mark again, and can’t wait to hear this one on a huge stack of club monitors for what will most likely be for at least the next year. Download a free digital copy here, and stream this one above.

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[House/Nu-Disco] The Magician – Sunlight feat. Years & Years

The Magician (Official)
The Magician : "Sunlight" feat. Years & Years (Original)

If you find yourself in need of a mood-shifting auditory pick me up today, look no further. Long known for his excellent output of tastemaking mixtapes, the Magic Tape series, and slate of impressive remixes; The Magician dropped this lovely little original tune on us in collaboration with electro-soul-pop trio Years & Years, “Sunlight” to indulge in this this morning and we’ve been all smiles since our first aural consumption. “Sunlight” lumbers out of the gate wielding a four-four muted kick-drum and garage leaning shuffled hi-hats before a deep swell of hazy pad work climbs through the backdoor, becoming a welcome initial focal point. Just as The Magician sculpts the tune’s first groove though, a light and absolutely in-sync vocal from Years & Years blends consummately amongst a sonically textured bass line and precise percussive stabs to take its place as the track’s lead. By the time its second verse is fully in swing, we were already so lost in an abundance of our own gyrating hips and flowey dance moves that we almost forgot we needed to somehow do this one justice in the form of clever adjectives and snarky commentary. If deep-house, nu-disco, pop/club-house, indie-dance or any combination of these dance genres populate your listening history then we think you, lovely reader, should experience this stream of listening consciousness as well. Like, right now.

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[Deep-House] Morgan Page – In The Air (SNBRN Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Morgan Page
In The Air (SNBRN Remix)

Some musicians carry with them a coveted ability to breathe new life into songs with which the general slate of listeners thought had long run its course. This morning we have the felicitous opportunity to feature an artist whom carries such a skill and is making a TMN debut in the form of a premiere; Los Angeles house and disco distributor, SNBRN. With only a pair of official releases to the SNBRN moniker on his Soundcloud, both originals, this time around SNBRN has taken Morgan Page’s “In The Air” and distinctly lacquered on his sunny-addictive club sound. SNBRN weaves compositional Indie-Dance and Nu-Disko elements with a slick deep-house groove and bass line, resulting in an even more emotive version of the tune; which we sure as heck didn’t think was possible. Furthermore, Angela Mcluskey’s unforgettable vocal stems coalesce superbly within such an uplifting, groovy sea of sounds. About the track SNBRN had this to say: “I’m kicking off the summer with a pool friendly remix of Morgan Page’s classic, ‘In The Air’. Enjoy this free remix on the beach, in your cubical, or wherever you may be.” We surely will, and for those ready to add this to your personal libraries, grab the free download here.

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