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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2015 Round #4)


Sure, musicians get writer’s block, but us listeners, we get something too. It’s like “The Music Library Block”. Those times when we can’t find anything to listen to, even though the plethora of songs we have collected over the span of our entire musical lives floats in a giant cloud that is easily accessible at all moments in time. ┬áIt happens to us all. You know it does. We get bored of all our favorites and tired of everything else. But before you spend your day music-less because of the frustration of finding something to listen to, float your way over to the Indie Dojo. Our playlists go way, way back AND you can continuously stream if you so choose. Those blocks don’t stand a chance ’round these parts …

’Hunny – Cry For Me’
’Maudlin Strangers – AIM’
’Nathan Lomas – Far From You (EP Version)’
’Fragics – Toy Cars’
’Jim Lawrie – Just Like Normal’
’Innoko – Honest Places’
’Japanese Wallpaper – Between Friends (Qrion remix)’
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