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[Future] iSHi Ft. Pusha T – Push It (Didrick Bootleg)

iSHi Ft. Pusha T
Push It (Didrick Remix)

Please get out a pencil and paper, or open a google drive document, or get your memory storage processes on point, because you need to keep the name Didrick around. Some may recognize him from his engagements with Monstercat and Mr. Suicide Sheep, but chances are that this talent has remained a shadowy gem despite pulling incredible plays.

Today, we get to support the producer’s new remix of “Push It,” originally by iSHi and Pusha T, that he released for free, no strings attached. Didrick took a future route with his upbeat rework of the 4/20 release. His progressive style he usually runs with translates well over to this downtempo vibe haven. He created three minutes and fifteen seconds of quite compelling music that is definitely going to be on some of the ninja’s summer playlists. Don’t be surprised if it ends up on yours either.

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[Electro House] iSHi – Push It (Cazzette VS iSHi Remix)

Push It (Cazzette VS ISHi Remix)

“Push It” by iSHi and Pusha T was released on PRMD on April 20th. With the original comes a massive remix of the track from the Swedish producers Cazzette. Their acidic electro take is quickly becoming one of our favorite remixes. Not only do you get the high-octane electro madness, but with the second chorus cuts the beat time in half to deliver a trapped out ending to an energy draining dancefloor destroyer. If you want to turn things up at a party, or event, then this is your go to. Cazzette can manage chill works and party-poppin’ tunes, and they exceed at both. If you would like to get a copy of this remix, then you can head to iTunes to grab it.

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