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[Future] SMLE – It’ll Be Okay (ft. Helen Tess)

It'll Be Okay (ft. Helen Tess)

SMLE are continuing to unravel the Reasons To EP. “It’ll Be Okay” is the follow up to “Every Chance You Get,” which came out just two weeks ago. Singer Helen Tess jumps on this radio-friendly original with a memorable performance that compliments the instrumental perfectly. The futuristic pop sound is bubbly and exciting, causing the listener to feel truly that everything will be okay. With this song out in the open now though, things are more than okay. Expect to hear this one being played out through the end of the year, as it has that much talent and passion behind it. Much like the previous single, this one is up for grabs as a free download, so hop on it. With every track comes more anticipation for the EP, which we estimate to knock the internet’s socks off.

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