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[Electronic Soul] James Chatburn – Cracks And Breaks

James Chatburn
Cracks And Breaks

Slow down for a minute. Take a breath. It’s time for a break, and James Chatburn is here to orchestrate it. However your day has been going, you’ll need to find time to relax, and the relieving calm of “Cracks and Breaks” might just be the solution.

The Sydney native soothingly croons along with his own graceful production, expertly crafted with ebbs and flows of his own harmonizations, overdriven guitars, and minimal yet stark drums. There are certain moments over the course of “Cracks and Breaks” that begin to mirror John Legend vocally, and that comparison does not come across without some serious consideration. James Chatburn finds his own lane regardless of the similarities, and his entire catalog merits an endless amount of plays. A collaboration between him and Tom Misch NEEDS to happen at some point. That’s the kind of merger of talent that timeless works are built from. Wrap up the day right with this sleek tune and don’t forget to grab it here on iTunes.

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