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[Indie/Hip-Hop] Kai Straw – Toothpick LP

Over the past month Kai Straw has been releasing singles off his anticipated Toothpick album. Last night at 8PM PST, he dropped his album in full through his own imprint Tenth Gate Records, whose roster includes the producer for this album, James The Bear. Together these two put together an incredible album whose sound takes from funk, hip-hop and indie.

Ten tracks make up Toothpick, a dynamically expressive LP whose content largely focuses around the love-lust dichotomy that plagues the millennial generation. This theme is broken by tracks like “The Business” which is an anthem for the Bay Area, where Kai calls home. This is also the only track with features, as Kai collaborated with fellow veterans Keak Da Sneak and Roach Gigz. Throughout the album Kai manages, as always, to utilize his uncanny ability to formulate the thoughts of his generation, while displaying them through one-of-a-kind musical creations. Give Toothpick a genuine listen through, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking to dive in a crazy rabbit hole of lots of intriguing tales and records, then you should check out his entire discography on his website.

’The Business ft. Keak Da Sneak & Roach Gigz’
’Don’t Tread On Me’
’A Million Ways’
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[Indie] Kai Straw – Bones

Kai Straw

“Bones” is the last single that Kai Straw is pushing prior to his album’s release date on April 12th. Toothpick is one of the more promising independent albums you will look forward to this year. One of the most intriguing songs off the album is “Bones,” which tells a chilling tale that you just have to hear to believe.

Kai Straw’s move to a more live oriented sound is evident right from the start of “Bones.” Kai has always been able to tell tales with his songs, so hearing what this song’s lyrical content consists of is no surprise. With the James The Bear produced instrumental, we get a funky, vivacious sound that is just as playful as the lyrics are. Strong piano chords and groovy guitar riffs are highlights of the production that lays a backdrop for Kai to let his vocal loose. Stream the single, and get ready for the full album release next week through Tenth Gate Records. If you haven’t checked out his previous singles, you may do so here.

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[Indie/Soul] Kai Straw – Hurricane

Kai Straw

Kai Straw continues his string of pre-album single releases with “Hurricane,” the third single from his forthcoming Toothpick LP. We first encountered an indie tune, then moved to Kai’s more hip-hop centered sound with “The Business,” and now we get something different from either of those first two songs. “Hurricane” has Kai stretching his vocal abilities to deliver a soulful jam that may just be the song you need to throw on repeat and relax to.

Kai is one of the most dynamic musicians you will come across. This is clearly evident for anyone who’s been following his Toothpick releases, or have been a fan since his beginnings. “Hurricane” isn’t really like any song Kai has done before. Here we get a down-to-Earth record that as powerful as it is subtle. The minimalist tone is one of the song’s strengths, as is its organic sound that could easily be played in a live set up with a band. Kai has been unveiling something special one week at a time, and soon the full project will be out. We have one more single to share next week before the full release on April 12th. For now, stream “Hurricane” and if you haven’t checked the other tracks out, head over to the hyperlinked pages above.

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[Indie] Kai Straw – Friction

Kai Straw

San Francisco artist Kai Straw is making his return over the upcoming weeks until his album, Toothpick, comes out in full. Prior to the release date on April 12th, Kai will be releasing a few singles for fans to enjoy before the full project is out. He’s kicked things off with “Friction,” which has the artist moving a bit away from his hip-hop sound and more to an indie style.

“Friction” is a ballad that many millennials can connect to. It’s love-laced lyrics are fraught with passion that seeps into the funky beat created by James The Bear, who produced the album in its entirety. Kai has performed a live show in the past, opening for such acts as Big Krit, Clyde Carson and more, but this track is really built around that live band experience, utilizing acoustic components for a life-like expression. We’ve been lucky enough to preview the album in full, and we have to say, you’re in for a real treat. Check back each week until the album drops so you can get some sneak previews into this extraordinary LP.

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