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[Electronic/Pop] John.k – Best of Me

Best of Me

John.k moves forward in 2018 with his first original of the year. “Best Of Me” is a smash, further showing just what John can do with his musical creativity. As he’s done before, but maybe to a higher degree here, he mixes genres beautifully for a wonderful record.

“Best Of Me” has an old-school feel to it with a few modern treats mixed in making this a hit for crowds of any age. It’s invigorating, lively and inspiring with its message that John defines simply below. John.k is set to have a massive year this year and this is just one of the many steps he’ll be taking to the top of the game. If you’re not on board yet, you will be after this one.

‘Best of Me’ is about evolving through young love, admitting to past mistakes and committing to giving someone the best possible version of yourself.
– JOHN.k

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[Pop] John.k – Wrong


There’s nothing wrong with John.k despite his new single “Wrong” that he just dropped. As Elvis Duran’s artist of the month for October and appearing on the Today Show, he’s got a lot going on for himself. His latest single is another step in the right direction.

“Wrong” is a poppy breathe of fresh air, something that John seems to provide time and time again for the cluttered, musty world of music. With this original we see John show off just where his vocal can go issuing calm lines just before belting out the next line with supreme power and tonality. It’s one of our favorite singles from him so far as he keeps honing his sound and creative skills. 2017 is the year of John.k.

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[Electronic] John.k – OT


John.K continues his streak of beautiful tunes with his newest “OT” that dropped today. The Orlando songster may have just delivered our favorite tune of his yet. “OT” is simply magical. If you’re not ready for a song to get stuck in your head, you might want to wait on this one.

BUT, you shouldn’t wait at all. In fact, you should have already clicked play and knew what we were talking about. John.k gets down with an intimate single that is the perfect song to transition from Summer to Fall with. “OT” will last you until the end of the year with its seductive sound. John really did something special here and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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[Future Bass] JOHN.k x Ricky Remedy – GOLD

JOHN.k x Ricky Remedy

We want to start this post off by stating the obvious, that “GOLD” is gold. The collaboration between JOHN.k and Ricky Remedy is an undeniable jam. If you express that you don’t like it then you are just lying to yourself.

“GOLD” has anthem written all over it. The unique future sound of the instrumental fits incredibly with JOHN.k’s soaring vocal performance that will leave you with goosebumps before the first verse even ends. After the track is over, you’ll be feeling the chills from head to toe. We’ll leave you off with this warning that upon listening, this may be the only thing you want to listen to the rest of the weekend.

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[House] JOHN.k – Runnin’ (Rainer + Grimm Remix)

Today we have a proper house remix for you from Toronto’s Rainer + Grimm. The Canadian duo took on JOHN.k via his single “Runnin'” that took the indie dance world by storm. In its new form, “Runnin'” has a certain vibrancy that DJs are going to flock towards for their festival sets this season.

This time of year is when producers bring out the the big remixes. As far as house music goes, this take from Rainer + Grimm should be in the top section of the list. The clubby, deep flip is a powerful tune that is good in any circumstance, whether it’s in front of thousands of festival-goers, in a club or even at a house party. Some tracks fit more properly in one venue or another, but when you’ve got a track like this that’s good anywhere, anytime you know you have something good on your hands.

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