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[Electronic] OTR – Close feat. Kai Straw

Close ft. Kai Straw

If you’re not already, then you need to get “Close” to the artists OTR and Kai Straw. In the past we’ve been awestruck by their works separately, but now they’ve come together for a massive collaboration.

The chilled out “Close” is dazzling. Kai Straw’s vocal performance is incredible with his hazy textures shimmering atop the magical, R&B tinged instrumental. OTR implements his signature sound, one that soothes the soul with its cerebral nature. “Close” is a record you need and your friends need. Listen, share and repeat.

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[Indie/R&B] Kai Straw – GUN LP

You know when you’ve been waiting for something and it finally comes, but then it’s a bit lackluster? That’s not what happened with Kai Straw‘s LP, GUN. We were waiting, yes, but upon its arrival today we weren’t disappointed in any way. From start to finish this project takes Kai’s artistry to new heights.

Released on his own label Tenth Gate Records, GUN is a beautiful mixture of indie, pop, R&B, soul, hip-hop and EDM. It sounds like it’s all over the place, but Kai carefully crafts each track and weaves them together into one project seamlessly. It’s like watching a movie, one that’s easy to absorb and dynamic – flooding your senses with lush tones and melodies that you will never forget. It’s not easy to pick a favorite, but up on in our tops are “They Sent You” and “Jesse James.” Have a listen for yourself and make sure to get a copy of this, or add it to your streaming library from Kai’s website.

’They Sent You’
’Cherry Corvette’
’The Recipe’
’#1 Customer’
’Back From The Crypt Ft. ZayVsThem’
’Jesse James’
’Baby, Pick Up Your Gun’
’11 Homes’
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Kai Straw – Cherry Corvette [TMN Premiere]

Kai Straw is set to release his album very soon. Toothpick was incredible, but given the recent singles from GUN, we’re expecting an even better LP this time around. The last single has hit the web today and you’ll be hearing it first here in the dojo. Let’s take a ride in “Cherry Corvette” shall we?

One thing I particularly enjoy about a lot of Kai’s music is that it tells a story. “Cherry Corvette” paints a vibrant picture with its lyrics despite the general tone of the song being much more chill and mysterious. Kai delivers a tasteful single that will usher us into the Fall in style. You’d be mistaken to miss out on this one. “Cherry Corvette” is out today in full, so if you’d like a copy you can grab one now from digital stores or add it to your playlist!

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[Future Bass] Kai Straw – Supernova

Kai Straw

If you’ve been following Kai Straw like we have, then you’ve come to expect music that will pull at your emotions. That’s just what is going to happen when you listen to “Supernova” however Kai dives into a different sound with this single.

“Supernova” blends Kai’s usual indie sound with future bass to create an invigorating song with soaring synths and a vocal performance that will give you chills. This certainly wasn’t what I was expecting to hear from Kai as he unveils his upcoming LP, GUN, but it comes as a nice surprise. This track follows up Kai’s single “The Recipe” that you should check out if you haven’t yet. “Supernova” is currently out on digital platforms for those of you looking to get a copy or add it to your playlist.

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[Indie] Kai Straw – The Recipe

Kai Straw
The Recipe

If you were a fan of Kai Straw‘s previous album, Toothpick, then you are going to love what he’s got coming next. His album, Gun, has had its first step with the single “The Recipe” that shows a slightly different side to Kai’s heavily indie-centric sound.

“The Recipe” takes a much more pop-driven approach, however it’s not so much so that it sounds like any old commercial pop song. Kai keeps his unique identity in place and simply delivered his own version of a Summer single. It’s catchy, fun and most enjoyable with your significant other. Enjoy it with them, enjoy it with your friends and get a copy of it if you’re loving it like we do. Be on the lookout for more, as Kai will be coming out with a few other songs before the full LP drops.

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Kai Straw – Hurricane (Music Video) [TMN Premiere]

Back in 2016 we had the pleasure of sharing with you an amazing album, Toothpick, from the San Francisco artist Kai Straw. One of the songs off the LP, “Hurricane” was overwhelmingly the #1 hit on the album, something that came as a bit of a surprise given the album’s more upbeat, radio-friendly songs. However, we and fans fell in love with it and to signify the end of the Toothpick era, Kai is delivering a music video for the single in this Music Ninja Premiere.

After this comes another album, but we’ll focus on the music video at hand. Directed by Kai Straw himself, the video for “Hurricane” is a tasteful, minimalist set of images that really connect well, as it seems Kai is singing directly to you in a 1-on-1 session. In getting up close and personal, Kai opens himself up to the audience in a way he has rarely done before, which goes to show just how far he has come as an artist and person. Check out the video below and if you haven’t checked out the full EP, do so and grab a copy to support! Like we said before, get ready for another album coming in the next few months…

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[Music Video] Kai Straw – Don’t Tread On Me

Back in April we shared with you an album by the name of Toothpick from an artist named Kai Straw. The ten track LP was solid from beginning to end, making it hard to pick a favorite. That’s when you know it’s special. One of the ones that did stick out to us though, was “Don’t Tread On Me.” Today, we’re happy to share with you a music video for that single.

Kai Straw is a man of many talents, which is why he went ahead and directed this incredible video himself. “Don’t Tread On Me” in its visual form is more than just any old music video. It tells a tale, and portrays a situation that millions of women find themselves in every year. Domestic violence is no joke. It’s a hot topic that can turn people away in an instant, but Kai handles it with grace and attention to detail, always keeping in mind his respect for anybody who is being affected by this problem. Not only that, but he delves into the complexities of abusive relationships all while creating a visual art piece that you’ll watch again and again. We already have; now it’s your turn.

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