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[Deep House] Kav Verhouzer – Love Into Gold

Kav Verhouzer
Love Into Gold

With Miami Music Week just around the corner that means that house music is going to be taking over. A recent release from Kav Verhouzer fits perfectly for all of the upcoming pool parties – or if you’re not going to be there, to imagine like you are soaking in the sun.

“Love Into Gold” features the vocalist Lawrie Martin and was released on Disco:wax. The deep, yet poppy original is melodically memorable and has a hook that you can’t easily get out of your head. Kav has always managed to deliver top quality tracks and he doesn’t seem to be losing his touch, in fact the opposite is true. Look for him to keep up his great production work this year.

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[House] Kav Verhouzer & Palm Trees – In My Arms

Kav Verhouzer & Palm Trees
In My Arms

Kav Verhouzer has done it again. This time the fun-loving producer partnered up with Palm Trees to create the original single “In My Arms,” released on Epic Amsterdam. If you thought house music was getting too deep, too dark or too heavy, then Kav is a godsend, and “In My Arms” is one of his best creations yet.

“In My Arms” is a jolly song that is heavily influenced by pop music, but at its heart it is a house record. Kav and Palm Trees manage to work together in tandem as though they have done it a million times before. Everything about this song sounds so fluid and organic. You can’t help but to feel good while you are listening and grooving along to the joyous chords and jubilant melodies. It’s Summer time, and those hot playlists are getting filled up real quick, but “In My Arms” is going to be a special track within those collections. It’s perfect for fun times outdoors with good company. Don’t sleep on this one!

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[Tropical House] Kav Verhouzer – Hiding (feat. The Nicholas)

Kav Verhouzer
Hiding (ft. The Nicholas)[OUT NOW!]

It’s impossible to catch every good record out there. Some stay hidden as gems forever, but some come to light, much like “Hiding” has from Kav Verhouzer. Last year Kav dropped this collaboration with The Nicholas on his Soundcloud, but since then it has been taken up by Epic Amsterdam as an official release. Tropical house is pretty hit and miss, but this hits right on the money. This melodic wonder is the perfect laid-back Summer record that will cool off the scorching heat of the season. Kav has already received over 700,000 plays, but there’s much more ground to be covered. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more music from Kav soon!

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