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[House] EC Twins x Guordan Banks – Keep You In Mind


The EC Twins crushed it with their new single “Keep You In Mind.” The veteran brother’s partnered up with vocalist Guordan Banks of Philadelphia for an original that could very easily find its way onto the airwaves of the radio.

“Keep You In Mind” is a spunky disco house record that has some poppy elements, similar to that of The Weeknd. There’s a certain classic style that was implemented within this single, paying homage to the diverse array of influential sounds that came before this track. EC Twins amaze us again with their production; it can only be described as top notch. From the songwriting, to the programming and onward, EC Twins did a hell of a job molding “Keep You In Mind” into the beautiful record that it is. Guordan’s performance doesn’t lack in a single way, as he really sticks out atop the instrumental. Stream the single now, and if you’re vibing to it like we are, then hit up iTunes for a download.

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