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[Hip-Hop] Ash Riser – Lord Don’t Fail Me Now feat. Left Brain

Ash Riser
Lord Don't Fail Me Now Ft. Left Brain

We’re absolutely pumped for what Ash Riser has on the horizon. We’re also pumped for what he already has released, being the single “Lord Don’t Fail Me Now” off his upcoming LP. The single sees Ash collaborating with Left Brain for a dark rap treasure.

Ash Riser has been honing in his style and it’s one that we have fallen in love with. His ominous energy is unlike anything else and this single exemplifies the mood to a tee. Vicious beats and scorching rhymes is all we have to say about this one, it speaks for itself. The single also has a cool music video you should check out if you dig the song. Although the full album isn’t out yet, “Lord Don’t Fail Me Now” is currently available on digital platforms if you would like to get a copy.

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[Hip-Hop] Hodgy Beats – Dena Tape 2 (Mixtape)

Long-time Odd Future fans may remember Hodgy Beats‘s Dena Tape as one of the strongest projects to come out during the crew’s breakout years. Since that time, aside from a few solo releases, Hodgy has focused mainly on his collaborative MellowHigh and MellowHype projects with consistently solid results. Yesterday, Hodgy returned as a solo act in full force with Dena Tape 2. Keeping the vocal features to a minimum, Beats lets his quick-hitting, gritty delivery and lyrics take front and center over productions from Hit-BoyLeft BrainLakim, Marvel Alexander and more. Hodgy also holds his own over the instrumentals for Kendrick Lamar‘s “Sing About Me, I’m Dying for Thirst” and Outkast‘s “Aquemini.” This project definitely has a more cohesive feel than its predecessor displaying Hodgy’s growth artistically, both from a delivery perspective and content-wise. Give our favorite tracks a listen and, if you like what you hear, you can grab the whole mixtape for free at the link below:

Hodgy Beats – Dena Tape 2

’Hodgy Beats – Cudda Been’
’Hodgy Beats – Wild Boy’
’Hodgy Beats – Miyagi’s Prime’
’Hodgy Beats – New Balance Ft. Domo Genesis’
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[Hip-Hop] MellowHype – Wasabi (ft. Juicy J)

Last night, Odd Future‘s Hodgy Beats hit Twitter with the most recent installment of the awesome #MellowHypeWeek. On “Wasabi,” Hodgy and Left Brain enlist veteran academy award winner Juicy J, whose recent revival has had a noticeable impact on hip-hop’s general direction, to create a minimal, evolving sound. This cut is particularly ratchet in its own strange way serving as yet another strong effort and building anticipation for the October 2nd release date of their upcoming project, Numbers. Check out and download the last couple tracks from the LA-based duo below and have an extra trippy weekend.

’MellowHype – Wasabi (Ft. Juicy J)’
’MellowHype – Greezy (Ft. Domo Genesis)’
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[Hip-Hop] MellowHype – Decoy

MellowHype, consisting of Odd Future members Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, has quitely released some of the dopest hip-hop tracks in the last several years making their upcoming album, Numbers, one of the most anticipated among OFWGKTA fans. On their most recent release, “Decoy,” The LA-based artists hop on a trademark dark beat both delivering with their quick rhymes shuffling a wide rang of content through out.

“Decoy” marks the beginning of #MellowHypeWeek, so look out for new material from these dudes for the next few days. Stream and download the second impressive single below and make sure to check out Numbers when it drops on October 9th.

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[Hip-Hop] Mellowhype – La Bonita

The Pretty Girl is Mellowhype’s attempt at a new single. Left Brain creates a Caribbean production with thick bass to compliment the xylophone keys. Hodgy jumps in to talk about his “Puerto Rican mama” and his other Hispanic women. As with recent Mellowhype releases, this is another great release but so far the theme and creative lyricism is what is driving this to be my favorite.

’Mellowhype – La Bonita’
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