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[Trap] BEAUZ & Lenii – Not That Brave

“Not That Brave” is a new collaborative single by BEAUZ and Lenii. Released through the Spinnin’ Records umbrella this original single is a fantastic production that straddles the line between radio friendly and underground ready.

It’s got its poppy influences and for the most party, it’s a clean record despite it’s use of hard-nosed basses to spice things up. In using those sharp subtleties against the backdrop of a radio-friendly song, BEAUZ and Lenii offer up a dynamic song that’s accessible to multiple crowds within and outside of the dance music community. It’s not easy cooking up something this accessible, but they succeeded with a wonderful record.

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[Electronic] Lenii x Benta – Bones

Lenii X Benta

Lenii returns with her sophomore single called “Bones” with Benta. This time around she goes a completely different route with a more slow, somber sound that will seduce your soul and shake you to your core.

“Bones” moves between an acoustic and atmospheric setting, giving the listener an experience that shifts through the song. In Lenii showing this new side on her second single, we get an idea that her talent is constricted to one set of sounds or a particular style. What else she has in store we can only guess, but we’re willing to guess no matter where she takes her sound, we’re the songs will be amazing just as this one is.

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[Pop] Lenii – Sober Dreams

Sober Dreams

The 20 year old Lenii is kicking off her career with a major single called “Sober Dreams.” For being so young, Lenii is quite mature on top of being a very talented artist. On top of singing, she’s quite the producer as you get to experience with her debut record.

“Sober Dreams” is clearly a pop record, but underneath it all it takes some influence from around the dance music world, breathing future sounds into the mix for a super fresh hit. One thing is for sure: Lenii has a ton of potential. She could very easily get to the top of the music industry in a hurry. We’ve only heard one song so far, but it’s enough to know she’s got a lot more goodies coming. Only time will tell, but for now enjoy “Sober Dreams” and get your copy today.

Sober Dreams is about being there for a person through ups and downs. It’s about listening to others and healing ourselves through ambition and thinking more consciously.
– Lenii

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