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[House] Bleach Baby – This Is For You

Bleach Baby
This Is For You

A brand new project is now here. Bleach Baby has launched with their debut single on Liftoff Recordings. “This Is For You” is a vibrant house original that brings some old school flavors together with a modern flare.

After hearing this first single, we’re pumped for what else is to come from Bleach Baby. Not much is known about this act who is putting the music first. “This Is For You” is leading the charge ahead of BB’s debut EP that will feature three songs in total. Bleach Baby is only one song in, but that’s been enough to get us on board and we hope the same for you. Check out the song today and grab a copy of it from digital stores.

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[Progressive House] Disco Fries Feat. Hope Murphy – Born Ready (Halogen Remix)

Disco Fries Feat. Hope Murphy
Born Ready (Halogen Remix)

The Disco Fries brought Halogen forth for an official remix of their track “Born Ready.” Released through Liftoff Recordings, the newly reformatted “Born Ready” is an upbeat progressive house track whose energy will brighten up your day in an instant. Of course, Hope Murphy‘s vocal is recycled, but Halogen plays with it to bring another dimension to the sound. Halogen goes for the more dance-able side of prog, as opposed to the more melodic driven, simplified side. The strong mix of piano with bass makes this a memorable record that should be on every Summer playlist from here on out. If you would like to check out the original, iTunes has it up for grabs.

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