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[Hip-Hop] Maino – Bag Talk (feat. Dave East & Jaquae)

Bag Talk (feat. Dave East & Jaquae)

Brooklyn’s own Maino dropped a hot one through Litt Music recently called “Bag Talk.” The hip-hop collaboration features Dave East and Jaquae. This medley of emcees delivered a riveting original that is more align with classic than contemporary rap music.

From beginning to end “Bag Talk” is a heater. Great rhymes partnered with a masterful instrumental is a recipe for success and these guys succeeded. Maino and company lean into each others efforts to build a track that magnifies strengths. In working together to really make something special, “Bag Talk” came out as a super strong record that stands out.

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[Hip-Hop] Renz Young – More Pressure

Renz Young
More Pressure

If you’re looking for a solid hip-hop jam to take with you into the weekend, then you’ve got what you’re looking for here. Renz Young dropped his single “More Pressure” through Litt Music and it’s just about as hot as it gets. Rap in its true form, this single is just what the genre needs to show some of these cats what’s up.

Renz Young keeps it flaming hot with some lyrics that might burn your speakers up if you’re not too careful. The beat is absolutely ill as well, laying the base for Renz to come in and do his thing. It’s one of those tracks that you will put on repeat and listen intently so you can nail down each syllable of the lyrics. Then you’ll be firing off the lyrics yourself alongside Renz. “More Pressure” is the only pressure you need.

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[Hip-Hop] Dio – Arrival EP

Dio is here with his EP, Arrival. Complete with four tracks, this hip-hop EP has come hot out of the oven from the Litt Music headquarters. No, I wasn’t being cheesy and saying “THIS MUSIC IS LIT,” but in actuality, this EP is pretty lit.

Arrival is an intimate project, with short songs that pack a punch you wouldn’t expect coming from their time length. It’s not all about length, as the saying goes. Dio brings heat every time out on top of some high quality beatwork. This is just the type of fire you’d expect coming from Litt Music. They keep it real and so does Dio, which is why they are a perfect match. Dive into this one and enjoy.

’Dio – Shift Moves’
’Dio – Hate’
’Dio – Dreamer’
’Dio – Thank You’
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[Hip-Hop] avery shyra – Pardon Me

avery shyra
Pardon Me

Pardon me, but we have something to share with you today. “Pardon Me” from avery shyra dropped as a free download on Litt Music and you need to have it. The hip-hop heater is just the track you need in your Summer playlists this year.

“Pardon Me” is not your typical rap tune as it employs a poppy R&B tone that makes the song stand out. We’ve already hailed avery as someone to lookout for and with the new release, nothing changes. In fact, if anything does, it’s that the urge to get on the avery shyra train is more urgent now than ever. He’s a talented artist that’s putting out great accessible work in the hip-hop realm. With so many people pushing to sound a certain way, it’s nice to hear someone doing their own thing.

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[Hip-Hop] Noah North – WASSUP (prod. by Paul Couture)

Noah North
WASSUP (prod. by Paul Couture)

If you’re in need of some good hip-hop, you’ve come to the right post. Noah North comes in to satisfy your craving with his new single “WASSUP” produced by Paul Couture. Paul is a familiar face around the dojo, but who he comes with this time is soon to be all the same.

Usually I’m not a huge fan of this style of rap, but Noah North came in so hot we couldn’t even deny it. “WASSUP” is a laid-back heater that may take you by surprise as it did us. It’s catchy in its own unique way, embedding itself into your mind until you’re singing the lyrics without even having the track playing. Litt Music released this track as a free download, so there’s really no reason for you to miss out on it.

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[R&B/Hip-Hop] Jaalid – Rogue (feat. Guepy Georges)

Rogue (feat. Guepy Georges)

Litt Music jumped behind a solid record from the Boston artist Jaalid. Together with Guepy Georges, “Rogue” was created. This R&B meets hip-hop jam is just what many listeners are looking for. With Drake changing the game, a ton of people are trying to flex this type of music, but not all can do it as well as Jaalid.

“Rogue” is one of those songs you put on repeat without thinking twice about it. By the second time through you already know the lyrics and are happy to sing along, even if your voice is less than satisfactory. Jaalid and Guepy Georges whisk you away on a smooth ride that never gets old. From the captivating instrumental to every syllable, “Rogue” has what it takes to make a big impact in hip-hop. Give it a chance, you won’t regret it. Head on over to iTunes for a copy as well!

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