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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 301)

The ninjas are back with another pack of party poppin’ records for you. The Friday Party Playlist continues with some extra fire for you – not only do we have a dozen records from the likes of Kaptain, HOMEWRCKR, jeanie, G-REX and many more, but we’ve included a Corrupt x Birthdayy Partyy mix at the end just in case you needed some extra music for the weekend. After all, we don’t know how hard you’ll want to party. Most of the tracks included are available as free downloads, so grab ’em before you’re out and about at your weekend festivities.

’Kaptain – Empty Without Music (feat. Brodie & Willdabeast)’
’HOMEWRCKR – TrashBin.Wav’
’Bronze Whale – Warm (LMBO Remix)’
’jeanie – drop top’
’Subshock & Evangelos – Dirtybit’
Sides & Pixel Terror – Starlight (feat. GABBY BÜKO)’
’Wubble – Internet Meme Machine’
Dos – Drie’
’Phenatiks – Drop It (Original Mix)’
’Odesza – Line Of Sight (TWO LANES Remix)’
’Jocelyn Alice
I Know (Teddy Rose Remix)’
’Lost In The Sauce 020 (Guest mix by Birthdayy Partyy)’
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[Electronic] LMBO – Dysphoria


The duo LMBO dropped their second single recently and we couldn’t be more hyped. “Dysphoria” is a certified gem pushing the midtempo electro sound together with cuts of soul and pop. Best of all, it’s been released as a free download by ILLICIT.

LMBO’s first single “Fake It” was nothing like “Dysphoria” but both are equally as dope. This flexing of creative ability is something that will pay dividends in the long run for these two talented individuals. “Dysphoria” boasts some solid energy, most specifically with the unforgettable bassline in the chorus. There’s plenty of more elements that make this what it is, so you’ll just have to dig in and enjoy the details!

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 291)

We’re going hard this weekend, that’s all there is to it. We’ve got the festival flu – infected with the inescapable urge to get our party on and it just happens to be Friday. As we do every week, we’ve gathered a collection of free downloads to aid in your festivities. Whether you’re getting out in the sun or hunkering down in the oncoming storms in various areas, we’ve got you covered with just the right tracks. From the pre-game to the party to the after party, we’ve got it all. Records from Madnap, MEMBA x Mothica, LMBO, Birthdayy Partyy, TWO OWLS and more will serve you well. We close things out with Sam F’s Walmart Yodel kid remix because we kind of have to include it, as well as benny mayne’s acoustic version of “bounce’ to bring everything to a peaceful close. Enjoy the weekend, stay safe!

’Kill Paris – Red Lights ft. Dotter (Madnap Remix)’
’MEMBA & Mothica – Chasing Light’
’Emmit Fenn – Lost in Space (Restless Modern Remix)’
’LMBO – Dysphoria’
’Shaun Frank – Addicted Feat. Violet Days (Midnight Kids Remix)’
’Birthdayy Partyy X BigSammyZ – Bad Bitches (Original Mix)’
’Pixel Terror & Vice City – Horizon (ft. Matt Kahn)’
’IYFFE – Stalker( Original Mix)’
’Sam F – i e i e o (ft yodeling walmart kid)’
’benny mayne – bounce (acoustic)’
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[Electronic] LMBO – Fake It

Fake It

The beginning of 2018 has seen the debut of several acts, but one of those you especially need to pay attention to is LMBO. Today they kick things off officially with their single “Fake It” that shows off the duo’s unique sound.

“Fake It” is its own thing. It’s not really this or that as far as genres go. Instead its fluid motion between sounds is what makes it breathtaking. Moving melodies embed themselves into your brain while the shimmering vocal work echoes into your ears. Both have a catchy quality that you just can’t shake. You’ll have “Fake It” in your head over the weekend, just as we will. If you’re still into downloading things, this one’s out for free.

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