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[Indie] Melis – Love Song Idea

Love Song Idea

A fresh face has come to us for the first time. Melis is making her world-wide debut with the single “Love Song Idea,” a song we are lucky to have for several reasons. One reason we’re lucky is because this song is amazing and the second reason is because according to the Melis herself, her hard drive broke and this file was the only one left for this track.

“Love Song Idea” is an unfiltered expression surrounding deep feelings of the heart. Soft-spoken and true to the complexities of human nature, Melis delivers a memorable performance of incredible lyrics that will pierce the soul. For this just being a song idea, it’s one hell of an idea. We can’t wait to hear what else Melis has coming; she surely isn’t stopping with this one song. Stream it today and stay tuned for more.

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