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[Electronic] TWO LANES – Away


The brotherly duo TWO LANES have made their way to the Lowly Palace imprint by way of their single “Away.” The original is a follow up to their remix of “Line of Sight” by another legendary duo, ODESZA.

“Away” is a dreamy adventure that will whisk you off to a lush world created by TWO LANES. These classicaly trained creatives let musicality breath through their works, this one especially. They’ve handled future bass before, but I think they’ve taken the genre a step beyond and in a bit of a different direction here – something a lot of producers are attempting to do, but failing.

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[Electronic] Midoca – Heaven


When we think of Midoca, generally we don’t think about Heaven. That’s no offense to him, because his music and visuals could be described as heavenly, but with a dark distorted twist to it. However, the LA creator makes his return to Lowly Palace with “Heaven.”

As far as Midoca tracks go, “Heaven” is one of the more, if not the most, upbeat of his records. He takes a slightly different tone, but instead of copping out on an all out happy go lucky record, he delivers his own unique sound with a hint of uplifting tonality. It keeps with his signature while also being a cool change of pace. It may not be the Heaven you’re used to, but you’ll want it in your digital library all the same.

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[Electronic] Midoca & badXchannels – I’m Sorry I’m Gone

Midoca & badXchannels
I'm Sorry I'm Gone [Lowly Palace]

Midoca has been killing it lately with superb videos – and of course with great music. We’ve generally seen him roll the solo route, but now we’ve got a collaboration with badXchannels on our hands. Released through Lowly Palace as his label debut, “I’m Sorry I’m Gone” is an indie electronic gem that sees both talents bring their A game. It’s a beautifully dark record that you can’t help but to play over and over again. Another incredible record in the books for these two. Add it to your library today!

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[Electronic] sober rob – Supermoon feat. Karra

sober rob
Supermoon w/ Karra

Lowly Palace continues to grow their impressive catalog with a new single from sober rob. In collaboration with the Nashville vocalist Karra, “Supermoon” is a dreamy original that is the perfect sonic embodiment of the starry night sky shining all around a beautiful moon.

Karra’s seductive performance takes hold quick and she doesn’t let go. sober rob as always provided some next level production complete with a crafty and catchy composition. This track is just what you need to edge through the rest of the week. “Supermoon” is available on digital platforms today!

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[Electronic/Pop] PRXZM – Queen Of Hearts

Queen Of Hearts

The duo PRXZM return to the Lowly Palace imprint with their original single “Queen of Hearts.” This retro-inspired tune hits all the right notes and will be your go-to choice for when you’re in need of some good vibes.

Lowly Palaces drops a ton of different styles and we’re glad to see them go this route in taking on such a swell song from the talented PRXZM. “Queen of Hearts” quickly captures your attention with the vocal chops that lead into the rest of the riveting record. It feels like a classic dance track, but it just came out. This timeless feel is exactly why we’re in love with it.

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[Music Video] AWAY – Honest To God (Feat. Charity)

Here in the dojo we’re all about AWAY. Each time a release comes our way we’re ecstatic with what he’s put together and that’s no different when he puts together a visual project. The release of his music video for “Honest To God” with Charity is evidence enough that AWAY’s got the video game on lock too.

If you haven’t heard “Honest To God” then you’r in for a gloomy gem that will make its way to the top of your playlists in a hurry. Just as it is with AWAY’s music we get a dark video to accompany the record. We won’t get into too much detail, but it’s an intriguing tale that sucks you in; siphoning your attention until you can’t look away even if you tried. See for yourself!

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[Electronic] Mickey Valen & King Deco – Move That Body

Mickey Valen & King Deco
Move That Body

“Move That Body” isn’t a Christmas song, but then again you’ve been bombarded by holiday music since before Thanksgiving. We’re switching things up for you with a smooth original from Mickey Valen and King Deco that dropped on Lowly Palace.

The soulful R&B infused electronic gem is just what you need to take a break from the usual sounds of this time of year. “Move That Body” will take hold of you with its infectious grooves and whisk you away for just over three minutes; that is unless you engage the repeat function which we wouldn’t blame you for. We’ve done it, now it’s your turn!

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