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[Electronic] Illstrtd – Pictures Don’t Fade feat. Mack Moses (Dugong Jr Remix)

Pictures Don't Fade feat. Mack Moses (Dugong Jr Remix)

Melbourne, Australia is home to Dugong Jr. If you are a fan of the music Good Enuff puts out, then you should be familiar with this cat as he has had a few releases with them. However, today we are sharing with you his official remix of “Pictures Don’t Fade,” by Illstrtd.

The original single, featuring Mack Moses, was previously covered in the dojo, and after coming across the remix, we had to share with you it as well. Be Rich Records made a strong maneuver getting him on board for a flip, as he really turned this one out with a great result. His hybrid future take should have producers and fans alike going wild. The unique sound it presents is fresh to the ears and easy on the body. Dugong Jr showcases why he’s among the top talent in Australia right now, which is something special given all the superb producers coming from down under. Stream the single today and get ready for a full release soon.

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[Electronic] illstrtd feat. Mack Moses – Pictures Don’t Fade

illstrtd feat. Mack Moses
Pictures Don't Fade [OUT NOW]

Be Rich Records dropped a new single this week from the Melbourne producer illstrtd featuring fellow hometown vocalist Mack Moses. If these two keep putting out tunes like this one, they’re surely going to be rich in no time.

“Pictures Don’t Fade” is a classy mix of pop, R&B and future bass. Everything about this track is big, even during the phrases that rely on subtleties. The instrumental by itself would have been a smashing record, but with the addition of Mack Moses it takes things up a few notches. Dazzling synths, rumbling percussion, powerful chords and a vocal that will embed itself in your brain and never leave, “Pictures Don’t Fade” has everything a hit record needs and more. Australia has a seemingly infinite amount of the world’s best musical artists, but illstrtd could give them a run for their money. Stream the emotional “Pictures Don’t Fade” today and stay tuned for more!

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