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VALENTINE Feat. Halpe & Chuck Sutton – Falling

Falling (feat. Chuck Sutton)

Kansas-based producer VALENTINE is taking listeners on a ride through the galaxy with his latest work, “Falling.” Enlisting the help of fellow artist Halpe and vocalist Chuck Sutton, this futuristic single combines a heavy bass line with unparalleled synth work while it tells a personal love story between VALENTINE and his fiancé. The foundation comes together through hard breaks, oscillating notes and layers of glitchy synths. The song comes to complete fruition with the final addition of Sutton’s husky vocals for an unparalleled musical experience that you won’t be able to resist.

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Roger Wilco & Creepa – Shimmer [TMN Premiere]

Roger Wilco & Creepa

Today we’re kicking things off with a premiere from Roger Wilco and Creepa. Sliding in the dojo through the Majestic Casual pipeline, “Shimmer” is not your typical electronic record. Instead of doing things the easy way, these collaborators built a unique structure from top to bottom.

“Shimmer” doesn’t lose any steam from start to finish. Roger Wilco and Creepa blend different sounds and styles together and fuse them into one chilled bass original. It shines bright with its fine textures and atmospheric attitude, uplifting the listener to new sonic heights. We’re stoked on this one and you will be too. Enjoy a first listen here and make sure to add the song to your Spotify playlists!

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[Electronic] Night Tales – Move You

Night Tales
Move You

Majestic Casual has brought a hot new record through the pipeline from Night Tales. The Australian duo made up of the producer Third Floor and former Olympic Ayres frontman Kamaliza dropped their single “Move You” which is exactly what it is going to do.

“Move You” isn’t your typical electronic track. Night Tales take from several different genres, bringing in elements from house music and 80’s sounds for a timeless treat. It’s not something you’d expect to be hearing in the poppy landscape that has seemingly taken over the electronic world, but it’s a worthwhile break that stands out above the now crowded space of dance music. “Move You” is currently available for those looking to spice up their digital libraries today.

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Waveless – Me & U [TMN Premiere]

Me & U

“Me & U” is the latest song coming in the dojo from the Majestic Casual camp. Not only are we simply sharing it to you, but we’re the first to do so with the premiere of the Waveless original.

The Melbourne music maker gets futuristic with this vibey, atmospheric feeler. From start to finish Waveless tells a story through his composition, growing it out and building upon the elements as time passes for a song that’s never stagnant. It’s got this heavenly sound that will whisk you away into the weekend. Share it with your partner for maximum effect. Enjoy your exclusive listen and grab a copy of the single if you fancy it!

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[Electronic] Adam Snow – From __ with Love (feat. Fifty Grand)

Adam Snow
From __ with Love (feat. Fifty Grand)

If you are looking for a beautiful song, look no further than Adam Snow‘s latest release. Out now on Majestic Casual, “From __ with Love” is a soothing original whose chord progression will melt your heart instantly. You may need a tissue, but we’ll leave that up to you to grab before clicking play on this one.

Adam Snow enlisted some help from Fifty Grand to make this as special as it could be. Together they created something that will stand the test of time and be something fans come back to time and time again. Most producers now are trying to hone in on the hype of festivals, creating records that pack a punch for now, but don’t last. “From __ with Love” is good no matter the time of year or decade. Timelessness breathes through this one. Get your copy of it today.

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[Electronic] Exmag – Ten Thousand Chains

Ten Thousand Chains

Let’s get sexy this Saturday. Thanks to Exmag and their new jam “Ten Thousand Chains” we can do just that. However you want to interpret get sexy, you can do as you wish, we’re not going to stop you. Neither will Exmag or Majestic Casual who pushed this dreamy single out.

“Ten Thousand Chains” starts off with a little classic R&B swagger that transitions into a more soulful, relaxed state. Celestial and heavenly come to mind when the heart of the song is taking you away to new worlds. It’s one of those songs that feels big, as though it’s grabbing a hold of your entire existence, encompassing everything around you. With the craziness of festival season upon us, it’s nice to here a cool gem like this peep through the ruckus.

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[Indie Dance] Donny – Too Crazy To Love You

Too crazy

“Too Crazy To Love You” is the new single from the blue eyed Donny, released through Majestic Casual. The dreamy original was written, produced and performed all by the one and only Donny. Pretty impressive seeing as the single is amazing and already has received a whopping amount of love from fans across the planet.

Donny’s indie sound is borderline magical, if not over the line. It’s simply fantastic. Despite his socials saying “Donny was sad so he wrote an album” this song feels pretty upbeat. It’s fun, exciting and ready for radio stations everywhere to jump on it. Donny is one of those artists who is undeniably talented as you can see from this single alone. He’s got plenty more released and many more to come. If you’re loving “Too Crazy To Love You” like we are, then go on and get a copy from digital stores today.

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