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[Electronic] On Planets – Personal Space EP

If Majestic Casual releases a project, the right thing to do is check it out. Recently they pushed out an EP called Personal Space from Vancouver’s own On Planets. If you’re someone like us that likes when genres blend, then this EP is going to be right up your alley. With four tracks On Planets shows us why he’s among the most creative Canadians.

Personal Space is simply magical. The entire project has On Planets bringing together the indie style with sounds from future bass to create something that fans of both can enjoy together. It’s a perfect balance of each; depending on your tastes you may call it one thing or another because of it’s hybrid nature and accessibility. This is the kind of stuff that really has potential to take an electronic act such as On Planets to the top of the industry without so much controversy (looking at you Chainsmokers). Enjoy Personal Space today and get a copy through digital services.

’On Planets – First Tour’
’On Planets – Cure’
’On Planets – Too Bad / So Sad’
’On Planets – Chapter ft. Luca Fogale’
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[Hip-Hop] Exmag – Touch feat. Jubee

Touch ft. Jubee

Exmag is back. That should be enough to get you excited. “Touch” is their new single off Majestic Casual that features the emcee Jubee. This funky, hip-hop infused original is just what both the electronic and rap worlds need to hear at the moment. Fresh, fun and fevered, this is one hot single.

The three members of Exmag and Jubee work incredibly well together. Jubee is familiar with the funky future style that Exmag brings to the table so it is not surprising that his performance on this record sounds so fluid and perfect. What makes “Touch” so palpable is it’s organic sound, one that could easily be reproduced in a live setting. From start to finish all we encounter is pure fire, from every tone of the beat to every syllable of the lyrics. “Touch” is currently available, so head over to iTunes if you would like a copy for yourself.

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[Indie/Electronic] Mothica & Icarus Moth – Reputation

Mothica & Icarus Moth

New York is full of talented artists, but one that you absolutely need to know is Mothica. The talented artist teamed up with fellow NYC creator Icarus Moth for the single “Reputation.”

Together, these two acts put a soulful spin on the future bass genre. Despite the obvious influence the genre has on “Reputation,” the song doesn’t fit quite neatly into the box. Mothica’s intoxicating vocal is certainly the highlight of the track, but that doesn’t take anything away from the top-notch production that Icarus Moth put forth on this single. With the weather being cold and the plans likely being stay in to jam some tunes, this one is perfect. Shout out to the Majestic Casual team for dropping this one.

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[Future] Robotaki – Right Time feat. Ari

Right Time Feat. Ari

Majestic Casual just dropped a hot one from Robotaki that comes in clutch for the weekend. “Right Time” featuring Ari is what came along with the promissory message of more music to come from the amicable Canadian producer.

Coming off a performance at Madison Square Garden with Madeon and Porter Robinson, Robotaki pushed out this smooth, future record that isn’t your typical tune. It doesn’t have the same dance structure that gets re-purposed; instead he builds out the composition in halves. The first, Ari shines bright atop Robotaki’s magnetizing rhythms and the second is where Robotaki takes the full reigns with his solo instrumental. “Right Time” is an amazing single that would be insane to experience in a live setting. If you get the chance, don’t miss out on a Robotaki set. If you want “Right Time” for yourself, the digital service of your choice should have you covered.

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