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[Electronic] Major Minor – Everything Around Us Feat. Johanna & Jayden

Major Minor
Everything Around Us Feat. Johanna & Jayden

“Everything Around Us” is a juicy single that comes to us from our friends at Uprise Music. Its creators Major Minor put it together with the help of Johanna & Jayden and released it as a free download.

The poppy electronic original is a chilled out treat whose cool sound has just the right attitude for Summer. Major Minor deliver what may be their best tune yet. It doesn’t take much effort, or even any at all to imagine this one being played out on the radio. It’s the perfect mixture of styles. “Everything Around Us” is so many things in one: a duet, a pop hit and an electronic work of art. It’s something you need to listen to and add to your digital library. Bonus points for sharing with friends and family.

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[Electronic] Major Minor x Aerborn – Smokers and Jokers

Major Minor x Aerborn
Smokers and Jokers

If for some reason you are not a follower of Uprise Music, you should change that real quick. They’ve always got great things coming out, like “Smokers and Jokers” from Major Minor and Aerborn. This freely downloadable single is a bit different than what we’re used to from the label, but it makes for a nice new breathe in their catalog.

Major Minor deem their music “Tropical Trap” and as ridiculous as that may sound to many, it’s actually dope – AND there’s really no other way to describe it. Just take “Smokers and Jokers” which exemplifies this without hesitation. They’ve knocked down and style and they nail it. This time around they add Aerborn to the mix whose vocal performance on this is nothing short of outstanding. Together all these Aussies cooked up a chiller that is a must have. Grab it before you go!

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