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[Electronic] Dimond Saints – Make It Through

Dimond Saints
Make it Through

Dimond Saints strive forward with the unraveling of their upcoming album Prism In The Dark. First we got “IDGAF” and now the second single “Make It Through” is here. This subsequent song has a bit of a different sound than what we first caught a glimpse of, but it still shares the Dimond Saints’ signature touch.

“Make It Through” is an easy listen. It’s an easy one to repeat, and it will be, over and over again. Memorable melodies plague this composition alongside bewitching vocal work. From the first listen, you are going to enjoy this one, and every listen after it only gets better and better. Dimond Saints put together something spectacular with “Make It Through” and it is certainly doing its job of teasing us, readying our ears for the full album. Tasteful, simple, extraordinary; this single is one of the duo’s strongest.

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